Kate Middleton is ‘disciplined’ and works out ‘every morning’, says a royal expert

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Kate Middleton is known for her toned physique and active lifestyle, but it doesn't come without "discipline".

Speaking exclusively to OK! historian, writer and broadcaster, Tessa Dunlop said the Princess of Wales is in the "gym most mornings or workouts out every morning" to keep up appearances as one of the "most photographed women in Britain".

"Kate is in the gym most mornings, she's disciplined and is a massive workout junkie", shared Tessa.

"She is in the gym or works out every morning".

Before adding: "She's a gym bunny".

Talking about the type of exercises Kate might do, the royal expert said: "You can tell from her arms she does weight training, you don't get arms like that lifting up the laundry.

"You don't have a waistline like that after three children without a bit of work.

"I bet she does the rowing machine too, it's the most comprehensive way of working out your body, all at the same time.

"I imagine she does sit-ups and planks, along with long stretches exercises from looking at her."

Tessa went on to say that the princess "loves tennis", so much so that she "spent around £60,000 to get their tennis court moved about 30 feet in their Norfolk home.

"She is also the pin-up of Wimbledon and that doesn't come without a serious amount of work.

"You can't become the pin-up of Wimbledon without ever picking up a tennis racquet. We saw her outrank Hollywood during Wimbledon.

"Kate was the star at Wimbledon."

As well as this, the royal expert said that we need to recognise that Kate is "one of the most photographed women in Britain, consistently photographed women in Britain" and is "worth more than a billion pounds to the British fashion industry.

"Her wardrobe and appearances her highly choreographed, the way she works out will be highly choreographed.

"She's an attention-to-detail kind of girl, we know that."

While Kate regularly workouts her diet "is probably another thing that sets her apart from California Meghan", said Tessa.

Explaining this she went on to say: "She grew up in an English boarding school, you don't get much choice about what you eat.

"So I can't believe she would be that faddy of eater and I've never heard anything about Kate being particular about her diet.

"I would be really surprised if she was a faddy eater on the basis of how she's governed her life and where she's come from."

As a senior member of the Royal Family, Kate is often attending a huge number of public events and functions, and so it "would be difficult if Kate was a fussy eater", Tessa explained.

"It wouldn't look good if she was like 'I can't eat this, I can't eat that'.

"She probably does lean away from high fat and most likely leans into proteins, vegetables and fish.

"I bet she eats a lot of stuff that makes her skin look good too because she's in front of the cameras all the time."

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