Kate uses ‘best’ parenting technique on children & Meghan will do ‘whatever it takes’

Lilibet and Archie: Expert on 'different upbringing' to cousins

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From Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle, Princess Diana to Queen Elizabeth II, royal women show the nation how it’s done with some top parenting, according to two experts. Parenting specialist Jasmine Peters and the experts at Babysense spoke exclusively about the best mums in the Royal Family this Mother’s Day.

Jasmine Peters began: “Being a mother is hard work, but it comes with so many rewards it makes all the hard work worth it.

“Being a royal mother in the public eye only adds to the already hard work and is truly commendable.”

While it’s impossible to say who the best royal mother is, “as the way we choose to parent our children stems from our own upbringing and life experience”, there are a few “standout” mums in the UK monarchy.

Kate Middleton “truly enjoys being a mum” and “warms the heart of many” in the way she raises her three children, future king Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The expert claimed Kate takes inspiration from one royal parent, as well as her own upbringing by parents Carole and Michael Middleton.

“Her techniques of redirecting her children, communicating with them and how they are carry themselves in public have a hint of Queen Elizabeth’s influence as well as her own upbringing.”

Experts at Babysense added: “Although there is no right or wrong way to parent a child, the techniques Kate and William implement show that they prefer to speak to their children about their behaviour and why it’s unacceptable.”

Their use of a “chat sofa” as opposed to “naughty step” helps their children to talk through their issues as well as “understand why they are being disciplined”.

Kate has never been one to baby her children needlessly, so while she does allow her royal kids to have fun and act their age, she strikes the perfect balance between this and treating them as mini adults, depending on the time and place.

When then four-year-old Princess Charlotte was seen sticking her tongue out at grandfather Michael Middleton at the King’s Cup regatta, Kate was quick to join the crowds with raucous laughter.

But, earlier this month, when Kate attended a rugby game with Prince George in tow, she “protected her son’s ego” and allowed him to look grown up in public, claimed body language expert Judi James.

Babysense continued: “Articles in the media often highlight how well behaved Charlotte and George are during royal visits and occasions and how Kate and William choose to parent them will play a big part in this.”

Kate and her husband William approach their children in a “calm and clear manner” no matter what the situation, which is considered one of the “best” parenting techniques.

While Kate is rearing the future King of England, Meghan Markle is “not big on protocol or following tradition let alone the rules” when it comes to Archie or Lilibet, claimed Jasmine.

Nevertheless, she is a “trailblazer” when it comes to protecting her kids “at all costs”; she has “kept them out of the spotlight” and “even gone as far as suing photographers that took pictures of her children”.

Jasmine continued: “She will do whatever it takes to keep her family safe even if it goes against the grain and leaves her on her own island.”

Another modern royal mummy who is keen on giving her children “as normal a life as possible” is Zara Tindall, claimed experts at Babysense.

This is hugely reflective of her own background, as she was raised by a “very hands-on mother who declined to give her a royal title”.

They added: “With Zara being an Olympian and her husband Mike being a former rugby player, the Tindalls are known to actively promote healthy competition in the family – Mike Tindall apparently even refuses to let the little ones ‘win’ at surfing when teaching them.

“Zara and Mike also encourage their kids’ interest in horse riding to further foster their connection with animals, something that is deeply rooted in all of their familial traditions.”

Indeed, both Zara and Princess Anne made it to the Olympics as equestrians.

But who paved the way for all these modern mothers?

Jasmine stated: “Queen Elizabeth II balanced the duties of a mother and a leader with such grace.”

The previous four monarchs before the Queen were men, so she had to navigate motherhood as well as the typically male arena of monarchy.

“She has set the stage/expectation as to what being a royal mother looks like in the public eye.”

A possible inspiration to modern Meghan, Princess Diana was a mother first and royal second when raising Prince William and Harry, leading her to become “the nation’s mother”.

The Baby Show Zoe Bonser previously said: “Generally, it seems Meghan and Harry strive to follow in Diana’s footprints which has been described as ‘very hands-on and nurturing’.

“It was important to Diana to give her sons as normal life as possible and Meghan appears to feel the same.”

Despite the immense pressures of royal life, mums in the Royal Family are doing a brilliant job, according to the experts, and should be celebrated this Mother’s Day.

Jasmine concluded: “No mother does it better when they are all doing their best. May they continue to enjoy the fruits of their literal labour.”

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