Kitchen scrap helps orchids grow ‘larger’ while ‘enhancing’ their scent

Orchid flowers could grow larger and emit more scent with the help of a nutritious kitchen scrap, gardening experts have revealed.

There is a score of fertilizers on the market promising rapid results, but these often pack a load of harmful synthetic chemicals and aren’t pocket-friendly.

Nourishing orchids shouldn’t come at a colossal cost, however, as homemade plant feeds are very accessible.

The website Orchideria states: “Eggshell fertilizer benefits your orchid by strengthening the orchid’s cell wall, making it stronger and less prone to outside influences, like root rot.

“Calcium from the eggshells also reduces salt build-up and prevents chlorosis. The cells will become studier and firm and in the long run, the orchid’s growth will become larger.”

One of the main minerals an orchid needs to thrive is calcium, which will ultimately protect the plants against the ill effects of root rot.

Writing for, one gardening expert added: “I recently found out that if the whole egg is beaten along with its shell, then not only the size of the flower increases but it also enhances the production of scent.”

That being said, gardeners should also ensure that their pot has the chance to breathe and is not overly stuffed. 

For orchids to reap the full benefits of calcium from eggshells, the scrap should be powdered before application. 

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The product should be sprinkled around the plant and watered so that the liquid can transport the calcium from the top into the middle of the pot, where it will control salt concentrations.

“This is excellent news for those who tend to over-fertilize,” explains Orchideria, explaining that eggshells can be crushed using a blender or mortar and pestle.

Not only do eggshells pack a generous amount of calcium, but they are also rich in potassium, which orchids need to thrive.

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Where should I leave my orchid plant?

Finding a good spot in your home is important for giving your plant a growth boost. 

First and foremost, the spot you choose for your plant should receive a good amount of light, while the temperature should also be reasonable.

Also remember that orchids receiving too much mist will likely develop rot and fungus, especially if they are in a humid environment.

Am I over-fertilising my orchid?

While plant feed is beneficial for orchids, it’s important to note that the flower will do better with too little than with too much. 

If white crusting appears on the soil or bark, or the leaves start to brown and wilt, these could be two tell-tale signs of over-fertilization. 

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