Louisiana Dad Shot Dead by 17-Year-Old Boy He Caught Climbing Into Teen Daughter's Bedroom: Police

He did not approve of his 14-year-old’s boyfriend.

A Louisiana father was shot dead after confronting his teenage daughter’s boyfriend in her bedroom, per police.

Dezmon Hamilton, 34, died of multiple gunshot wounds at his home in Zachary, Louisiana around 8 AM Monday morning, after catching 17-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter climbing in through the 14-year-old’s window, police said.

Zachary PD initially said the incident was reported as a break-in — but it soon emerged all involved were familiar with each other.

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According to Police Chief David McDavid, the suspect had used a ladder to gain access to his younger girlfriend’s bedroom — something he had done before.

“The suspect had got a ladder, got into the second story window to see the homeowner Dezmon Hamilton’s 14-year-old daughter,” he told WBRZ.

He said the father disapproved of his daughter’s relationship, and had had run ins with the boy before.

“Other instances I’m learning, that when they lived at a prior place in an apartment complex, he used a ladder to get in there,” he added. “So this has been an ongoing issue. He was hoping to stop it, but it continued.”

He said an argument broke out, which escalated into a gunfight.

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“Dezmon brought him downstairs and began talking to him; an argument ensued that began getting onto the 14-year-old. As they were getting onto the 14-year-old, shots were fired.”

Mcquirter was wounded, and taken to hospital. Hamilton died on the scene.

It is unclear who fired first.

Upon his release from hospital, police say they will charge the teenager with second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

Hamilton was an entrepreneur who ran a number of local businesses, and was spoken of very highly among neighbors; he was in the process of building a snowball stand as a gift to the community, now left half completed.

“It starts at home,” Chief McDavid added. “These young kids got to learn respect, how to treat people and learn how to deal with conflict resolution.”

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