Low sex drive? Expert reveals fatty fish could be the key to boosting libido

Struggling with a lower sex drive? Don’t worry: it’s totally normal.

In fact, so normal that up to one in five men and one in three women – between the ages of 30 and 59 – will experience a loss of libido at some point during their lives.

Sometimes you’re just not up for it, and that’s okay. It fluctuates.

But if you’d like to try and reignite the flame, the experts at sexual wellness platform Bedbible have gathered to suggest their finest tips for getting things going – and one of those (brace yourself, sushi fanatics) includes eating fatty fish.

It’s a long-known, often joked-about fact that there are certain foods, known as aphrodisiacs, that can help bring on feelings of arousal. There’s a reason being taken out for champagne and oysters on a date is such a romantic cliché.

‘The acids in tuna, salmon, and sardines will give your body a vast increase of dopamine and increase blood flow; they are also rich in omega-3 acids and vitamin B6, as well as delivering protein at a low-calorie level – all leading to increased libido and a healthy lifestyle’, the experts explain.

Meanwhile, watermelon and strawberries can also help – and dark chocolate-covered strawberries, another infamous aphrodisiac, are the ultimate level-upper.

‘Watermelon is rich in B vitamins which help with sexual endurance and the production of energy.

‘It delivers Viagra-like effects to your body which work for both men and women, making you feel relaxed, reducing stress, and putting you in the mood’, the experts add, noting that strawberries are also filled with vitamin C, which can support and enhance male hormones, aid arousal, and even equalise stress hormones.

But eating fatty fish isn’t the only way forward. Taking time to de-stress is also important, as holding stress in the body can kill the mood.

‘Try taking an hour daily to be with yourself and indulge in self-care,’ they add.

‘Whether taking a long bubble bath or going on a walk to get in some fresh air and exercise, practising this and implementing this into your daily routine will allow you to have dedicated time to yourself which is a great way to gain back independence, confidence, and calmness.

‘Masturbation is an excellent form of self-care, so why not implement this into your self-care routine and get to know your own body?

‘It can be a fantastic way to discover your turn-ons and what you might like your sexual partner or partners to help incorporate into your sex.’

Elsewhere, focusing on foreplay – often wrongly presented as the side piece before the main event – can generate excitement.

Whether that involves kissing, touching or even dirty talk, gently easing into things will more than likely do the trick – and it’s often more effective than going in all guns blazing.

‘The feel-good hormones produced when indulging in foreplay will reduce stress and help you feel more in the moment’, the experts add, noting that kissing is also a great way to release oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, the ‘perfect combination’ to create relaxation.

‘Introducing toys into foreplay is another great way to get your body and mind ready; even better, if you have toys for your solo-play, offer your partner to use them to switch it up to get them in the mood too.’

And finally, the golden rule: explore what works for you. Everyone is different, but it’s imperative that you figure out what turns you on and what just doesn’t.

If you’re at the beginning of your journey and you’re not actually sure, that’s okay: the Bedbible experts suggest masturbation, fantasising, sexting, porn, music, sex toys and erotica as a starting point of potential aids that could get the fire burning.

If you find something you like, communicate that to your partner.

‘Everybody is different, which is great but can also cause confusion in the bedroom’, the experts conclude.

‘Something that turns you on might not be someone else’s go-to, which is why it’s important to express to your sexual partner or partners what you like and what you would prefer to avoid.’

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