Man is surprised by his girlfriend with two dogs

Watch as animal lover bursts into tears of joy when his girlfriend surprises him with TWO new cocker spaniels – after his own pet died

  • Lily Ganning, 21, from Staffordshire, surprised her partner after he lost his dog 
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A woman has shared the adorable moment she surprised her boyfriend with the cutest gift – two puppies.

Lily Ganning, 20, from Staffordshire, and her boyfriend Tom Hewlett, 21, who is a professional footballer for Burton Albion, were left devastated when his cocker-spaniel died. 

But his girlfriend Lily was determined  to cheer him up by surprising him with two adorable canines. 

The sweet moment was captured on video, and Tom’s reaction to the incredible pet is priceless. 

Footballer Tom couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and covered his eyes in joy and shock. 

Lily Ganning (pictured left), 20, from Staffordshire, surprised her boyfriend, Tom Hewlett (pictured right), 21, with two new puppies 

Lily decided to purchase two new puppies as Tom, who is a professional footballer for Burton Albion, had previously suffered the loss of their cocker-spaniel, which left him devastated

Lily, a contracts administrator, decided to surprise her footballer boyfriend and purchase two new puppies.

The 20-year-old said she bought the puppies from a breeder for £3,000 on Pets4Homes. 

She explained: ‘We just found the two pups and they were the perfect ones.

‘I made sure Tom was home before us, he actually forgot his key that’s why he was sitting outside in the garden.

‘He had the best reaction I’ll ever see. I love seeing him happy.

We just lost our cocker spaniel to old age, and he really missed having a dog to love.

‘He loves them more each day!’

In the clip, viewers can see Lily walking around the back of a house where Tom is sitting.

As she approaches Tom; she has an adorable dog under each arm.

The video shows Lily walking into the garden with an adorable puppy under each arm- and Tom noticed them immediately 

The two puppies are of the same breed, but they differ in colour as one has a blonde coat and another a black coat.

As Chloe walked around the corner, her boyfriend Tom immediately spotted the cute canines.

Chloe placed the sweet dogs on the grass in front of him.

The puppies quickly adjusted to their new surroundings while Tom quickly went to play with them.

It comes weeks after another mother surprised her husband with a Dalmatian puppy – without telling him. 

The Devon-based woman, who works as a hotelier and goes by the nickname Lady F, shared a video on TikTok where she brought home a Dalmatian puppy, named Lady Penelope, to the surprise of her husband. 

Lily purchased the puppies from a breeder for £3,000 on Pets4Homes, the pups are of the same breed but have different coat colours 

It is clear in the video that the woman decided to get the pet without discussing it with her partner first, and decided to just bring the puppy home to record his reaction. 

Thankfully, the husband took the new well and swiftly began to cuddle his family’s new addition. 

Meanwhile, people online swooned over the sweet video and said they loved watching the heartwarming introduction.

The footage began with Lady F walking into the house with the puppy tucked in her arms while her daughter filmed, and asked if she knew what she was doing. 

The mother admitted to her daughter that her dad had ‘no idea’ about the dog, as they advanced towards the house while humming. 

There, a dumbfounded man awaited them, completely shocked to see the puppy in his wife’s arms. 

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