Michael Jai White Reveals Eldest Son Died From COVID at Age 38

The “Arrow” actor, who was 15 when his son was born, said they “grew up at the same time.”

Michael Jai White revealed the devastating news that his son had passed away from COVID-19.

During his guest appearance on Sunday’s “Vlad TV,” the “Arrow” actor went into detail about how his eldest child, who was 38, was hospitalized a few months ago, contracted the virus and passed away.

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“He was in the hospital for a while so it wasn’t immediate,” the star explained. “Ultimately, when he got sick and went to the hospital, COVID was waiting for him. That was the knockout blow.”

White revealed his son was born when he was 15 and the pair “grew up at the same time.”

“Unfortunately, he was still kinda out there in the streets hustling, wasn’t doing well, started getting on substances,” White added. “He’d come out, go back in, all that type of stuff. He never shook the streets. That was his thing.”

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While White attempted to help his son get off the streets, he said “ultimately, it’s up to that person, especially if it’s a grown person.”

Because of the substance abuse, White said his son’s immune system was compromised; He also was not vaccinated against the virus.

The eldest of White’s five children reportedly has left behind six of his own children.

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