'Money Heist' Season 5 Receives 2-Part 2021 Release

It may not be a fantasy series, but Netflix’s Money Heist — a.k.a. La Casa de Papel — is still an epic adventure.

Through four seasons, fans have been ride-or-die just like everyone in the Professor’s crew. Part 5 will wrap up with tears, bloodshed, and the end to a war. On behalf of the Resistance, it’s time to scream out “Bella Ciao!” one more time, as LCDP5 is arriving toward the end of the year.

‘Money Heist’ Season 5 to drop in 2021

Money Heist part 4 fed many viewers during the pandemic’s early months. And it was heartbreaking, leaving folks on edge. Fans soon learned that the series picked up another renewal but season 5 would be the last.

After that, it’s been a waiting game. Netflix and the La Casa de Papel team just shared news that part 5 will arrive in two parts, with release dates in September and December.

Volume 1 of LCDP5 will hit the streamer on September 3, and Volume 2 will drop on December 3, with 10 episodes set for the final run. Fans everywhere are celebrating the announcement. According to the social media post, there’s one way to sum things up: “This is more than a heist. This is war.”


The trailer shows bullets flying everywhere and Helsinki’s facial expressions has people worried. What’s next? Who will survive?

Where ‘La Casa de Papel’ part 4 left off

A series of events threatens to end the crew’s mission at the Bank of Spain. Detective Alicia Sierra has Professor, there’s a leadership issue within the ranks, and off course, Nairobi is dead.

Witnessing Nairobi’s rescue and then her murder at Gandia’s hands tore fans up, and it catalyzed a different kind of attitude with the gang.

Professor and Lisbon separated and only one remained free to move forward with the plan. But in the final episode, she’d been released from police custody and he’d been tracked down to his warehouse hideout. Still, it’s for Nairobi! Tokyo and Rio are not thinking clearly right now, but again, it’s for Nairobi!

Does Professor have a backup plan? Will Arturo finally get snuffed? Most importantly, who will lead them all out alive?

Marseilles was on the outside and able to accomplish what needed to be done, but based on the new trailer, he’s inside and armed to the tooth. Manila, Denver, Lisbon, Stockholm, Tokyo, Rio, Helsinki, Palermo, and Bogota are all banded together with guns and bullets.

Part 5 to introduce new characters

It’s already known that fans will see Berlin again through flashbacks, so there’s a chance that there’s more than meets the eye with the plan.

Two actors who joined the cast for season 5 are Sense8 and Sky Rojo’s Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. Criado’s character is in scenes with Berlin, but fans will have to wait and see how he fits into the story.

Prepare to tune in for the first installment of Money Heist’s curtain call in September, and moreover, be ready to root for this posse and their gold heist.  

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