Mortician worked with dead in the day before turning into stripper at night

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A former mortician opened up about her experience of working with the dead by day and as a stripper by night.

Emma Jane Holmes, author of One Last Dance: My Life In Mortuary Scrubs and G-Strings, shared details of her unusual lifestyle.

The ex death care worker explained to that due to her job she tried to value the small things in life – from a yummy sandwich to the ache in her back that showed she’s worked hard.

Emma said: “My role entailed visiting homes to transfer the dead from their beds.

"I attended hospital mortuaries and collected decomposed bodies from the city morgue.”

Emma explained that she has picked up the bodies of gamers from their couches with the video game still playing and women killed by their partners.

She has also buried babies – and their mums just months later.

Emma said: “All day long, I catered to the dead and served their grieving families.

“But when the hearses were done for the day and reverse-parked side-by-side, when the mortuary lights were turned down, I reached for the lace and lipstick.”

That’s because Emma has an alter-ego – and works in the red-light district after dark.

When the sun sets, the mortician dons big hair, red hippie and diamanté-studded heels.

Because, Emma was secretly a show girl…

She said: “I had stories punching me at all angles.

"Showgirls and corpses, stage shows and coffins, heels and hearses. I wondered if I would ever sleep again? No-one knew of my secret life.

“My night-time friends were single mothers, university students, Brazilians, Americans, Indigenous, fitness models and plus-size Queens, all with a shared aspiration – a garter stuffed with cash to fund their beautiful goals: food for their children, paid mortgages, bachelor degrees.”

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When morning came, the beauty would take off her stripping outfit, grab a coffee and head back to the morgue.

Emma explained that she knows both sides of her life are considered taboo – sex and death.

But, she claims that they saved her life and taught her “to close my eyes when eating my favourite foods, to savour every pleasurable moment; to kiss a little longer; to send flowers to my Nan; to unwrap my sandwiches slowly.”

You can pick up a copy of One Last Dance: My Life In Mortuary Scrubs and G-Strings by Emma Jane Holmes from Amazon.

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