Mother accidentally dyes her eyebrows ORANGE

Mother accidentally dyes her eyebrows ORANGE when she fake tans her face after applying eyebrow tint

  • British beauty enthusiast Imogen Horton was left red-faced by the mishap
  • Tinted her eyebrows black, then decided to apply some fake tan on top of it 
  • Ended up with orange brows and begged people online for their help 
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A beauty enthusiast was left red-faced after she was left with orange eyebrows when she gave herself two routine beauty treatments in a row. 

Imogen Horton posted a TikTok video explaining that she had applied a tint to her eyebrows, shortly before then applying a layer of fake tan to her skin. 

However, she learnt the hard way that the two products don’t go together after the tan corrupted the eyebrow tint, leaving her with a red glow on her brows.

Fans of the British mother couldn’t help but laugh after she shared her misadventure on the social media platform, begging her followers for help, with many dispensing their homemade remedies on how to fix the issue. 

British beauty enthusiast Imogen Horton revealed on TikTok that she applied fake tan on her face after applying her trusted black eyebrow tint and ended up with orange brows

Imogen revealed she likes to tint her brows to feel more like herself, and the incident occurred after she applied a thick layer of the product. 

After she applied the tint, the beauty enthusiast completed her routine by adding some fake tan to her face. 

However, she was dumbfounded when she took the tint off, realising that the tanning product had seeped into her eyebrows, affecting their colour. 

Instead of being their usual shade of black to match her hair, Imogen’s strands looked orange, after the tan.  

OOPS 😭😭😭😱😱😱😩😩😩 help 😂 #fyp

Imogen said she likes to tint her brows to feel like herself, but her latest home tinting didn’t go quite as planned (pictured before the tan affected the tint)

Pictured before the tint, with her natural black brows. The British mother begged her followers to help with her issue

People couldn’t help but express their amusement at Imogen’s mishap when she posted a TikTok video about her orange brows

She decided to film the results and to ask her 361,000 followers for help.   

‘Note to self, don’t tint your brows and then put fake tan on,’ she said, filming her face. 

‘Or even put fake tan on then tint your brows,’ she added in the clip. 

‘Mortified, she added: ‘They’ve just gone orange.’

She then asked: ‘How do I get it off huns?’

The video of her mishap went viral, gathering more than 46,000 views. 

Sympathetic viewers tried to offer Imogen with their homemade remedies to get the tan off the eyebrows.   

‘Baby oil,’ one said, while another added ‘baby oil and cotton bud.’ 

‘It will fade hun,’ one said. 

‘Oh my god,’ one simply wrote. 

‘I’ve done this,’ another said sympathetically. 

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