Mum shocked as baby grows thick black hair all over her body

New mothers are often complemented on their baby’s head of hair – but they don’t expect that hair to cover their child’s entire body.

This is why mum Kei’Yonna Gumbs was taken aback after giving birth to her fourth child, Myla, to find she was already incredibly hairy.

Little Myla not only has dark hair on her head, but also on her arms and legs too – which is incredibly unusual for a baby.

When Myla was born, she had a full head of hair – but just two months later it started growing all over her body.

Black hair now covers the three-month-old’s calves and thighs, upper arms and forearms – it’s even all over her cheeks.

Mum Kei’Yonna, from Texas, didn’t have any issues with excessive hair with any of her previous three children.

‘I was shocked when I noticed the hair coming in, but she’s so gorgeous that it didn’t matter, I will always love her,’ says Kei’Yonna.

‘To all the mothers out there with daughter’s like mine, embrace your baby.

‘At birth she had a lot of hair but it was straight, It didn’t start to curl up until she was around two and a half months.

‘That’s the same time I started to notice the hair on her legs and arms.’

Little Myla isn’t the only hairy tot to have been born in recent months.

Earlier this year, Lauren Deacon discovered that her unborn baby had so much hair the sonographer could see it on the ultrasound.

Which is almost certainly a bit more than the mum-to-be expected to see at that point in her motherhood journey.

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