‘My son hates that I was a glamour model – he won’t let his future wife do it’

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    A former glamour model who flaunted her curves on Page 3 and Babestation says her teenage son is “disgusted” by her sexy career.

    Carla Bellucci is proud of her pin-up days and said saucy shoots and being a grid girl put food on the table for her children when she was a single mum.

    But despite giving her four children a luxurious upbringing in Hitchin, Herts, her youngest boy, Jayden, is unwilling to accept her past.

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    The 16-year-old has vowed that his future wife won’t have a similar job and he cringes whenever anyone brings up his mum’s work.

    But speaking with Daily Star, Carla, 41, said: “I am really proud of my career and it is very empowering and it is what I always wanted to do and I am proud of where I got to.

    “I don’t shy away from it, it is such a taboo subject lately. I was a single mum at the time and I made money for my kids and they had a good upbringing through it and I managed to travel the world.

    “But Jayden absolutely hates that side of it and hates the whole glamour… anything to do with it. He cringes out big time, even if there's a headline like ‘Ex-Babestation’ he is just so embarrassed by it all.

    “He is quite disgusted and he said he will never let his wife or future partner be involved in that and he finds it very difficult to understand how Gio at the time let me do it. But we try to explain to him how it works and it is not what you think.”

    Carla, recently trolled for saying men should wash before sex, continued: “Even if I post like a sexy AI image I say ‘it’s an AI image don’t worry’ and he will go ‘oh my god mum, I’m going to die’.

    “He has put up with a lot of crap [in school] and that is the one thing I do feel a bit guilty of for my boys. But I say at least I am hot. I am not some minger doing it, I was in shape at the time. I wasn’t some fatty standing there, at least their mum was hot.

    “It would be worse if they were saying ‘oh my god your mum is a minger and she was trying’ but I was always successful in what I did, it’s not like I was an amateur or wannabe. It’s one of those things, just deal with it. It’s better than being a cleaner.”

    Carla is now a social media personality who rose to infamy after going on This Morning five years ago to discuss faking depression to blag a free nose job.

    She later regretted her brash behaviour after enduring a hellish childbirth where doctors saved her life when she stopped breathing for almost three minutes.

    The mum-of-four recently returned to ITV as a guest on Good Morning Britain to have a debate about sex hygiene in a show presented by Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid.

    But asked whether Jayden would one day have a more tolerant outlook about her career, Carla wasn’t convinced. She said: “I don’t know, Jayden is very straight mate.

    “He goes to church and everything – I don’t know what’s going on with him. He is just so different to me and I don’t know if he will. He is just straight laced and he is very intelligent, into his studies, going to uni, he is just totally the opposite spectrum to me.

    “Some people say ‘how is he your son’ because we are so different. Even drinking and that, he will be like ‘mum why are you having a glass of wine’ and I’m like, ‘Jayden, loosen up for god’s sake, it’s a glass of wine and it’s Friday’.”

    But as for how her other children perceive her glamour modelling, Carla concluded: “Tanisha thinks I am great and she just thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread and that everything I do is great. She really looks up to me.

    “Blu is too young but the boys are not the proudest no. It is what it is. I think there is a massive stigma around hot sexy girls.”

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