Nestle debuts pumpkin spice cookie dough and other new seasonal treats

For anyone who prefers cool crisp autumn air and warm baking spices, there’s a new treat hitting shelves this fall that will make the change of the season an extra sweet transition.

PHOTO: A glimpse at the new seasonal Nestlé Toll House lineup.

Nestlé Toll House announced its all-new seasonal cookie doughs and Morsels & More flavors and yes, that means pumpkin spice.

PHOTO: New Nestlé Toll House PB&J cookie dough.

In addition to the fan-favorite seasonal coffee drink flavor, there will also be a classic and nostalgic flavor combo — peanut butter and jelly.

Check out the full lineup of offerings below that will be available starting in August for a limited time at grocery stores and retailers nationwide.

PB&J Cookie Dough: A combination of peanut butter cookie dough and sweet strawberry-flavored pieces.

PHOTO: New pumpkin spice cookie dough from Nestlé Toll House will hit shelves in August.

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Dough: Pumpkin spice-flavored cookie dough mixed with premier white morsels.

PHOTO: New Nestlé Toll House pumpkin spice Morsels & More.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Flavored Morsels & More: A one-of-a-kind assortment of premier white morsels, mini coffee biscuits and pumpkin spice-flavored chunks.

PHOTO: New Nestlé Toll House cinnamon roll cookie dough.

Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough: Cinnamon sugar cookie dough mixed with naturally flavored cream cheese pieces.

PHOTO: Trick-Or-Treats break and bake cookies from Nestlé Toll House.

Trick or Treats Cookie Dough: Indulgent fudge cookie dough topped with festive Halloween sprinkles.

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