New Moon horoscope: What does tonight’s Aquarius New Moon mean for you?

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2021’s second New Moon arrives in the skies tonight (Thursday, February 11). In astronomy, a New Moon is the technical term marking the first lunar phase. The original meaning of New Moon is the first visible crescent of Earth’s celestial satellite – barely perceptible when it hangs suspended above the western horizon once the Sun has sunk.

But in astrology, a New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle and symbolises new beginnings in your horoscope.

As a result, astrologers agree Thursday evening is an ideal opportunity to experience a monthly reset.

As dusk descends, the lunar cycle will begin once again in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.

Astrologer Narayana Montúfar of considers Thursday’s New Moon to be a particularly important one.

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She described the New Moon as a “pivotal piece of one of the strongest alignments of the year.”

This refers to the fact the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and asteroid Pallas are currently all aligned in intellectual Aquarius.

When the New Moon influences these planets in the water-bearer sign, expect proactive astrological energy to start taking control of our lives and the collective as a whole.

She said: ”In astrology, the Moon always functions as a trigger, as she is the closest planetary body to Earth, linking us to the energy of the rest of the planets and stars.

“So, during this new moon, we can expect an intensification of the current focus on this innovative and future-forward sign.”

This latest development appears appropriate, as Aquarius energy has been a significant force so far this year.

Aquarius is widely-considered in astrological circles to be a revolutionary sign boasting a laser-like focus on community and the collective.

And the good news for those feeling a little down in the dumps with this latest lockdown is this New Moon may well help.

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You should consequently see social reform and equality receive a much-need boost.

People’s creative instincts will also be strengthened during this lunation.

Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer for, said: “This powerful energy can awaken you to new thoughts, ideals and plans.”

However, she counsels to avoiding letting your grand schemes and valuable visions be wasted.

The astrology expert added: ”You could have a sudden idea that could be of genius quality.

“Write it down, as ideas disappear as quickly as they come with Uranus energy.”

Lisa Stardust, a US-based astrologer, believes the New Moon’s connection with the asteroid Pallas also plays a key role this Thursday evening.

She said this celestial body “represents our innate talents and ability to add reason to our insatiable thirst for power.”

Ms Stardust added Asteroid Pallas’s proximity to tonight’s New Moon will bring “a passionate energy to the overall vibe of the day.

And our ambitions will intensify, while the Aquarian spirit of community will also play a part.

The astrologer said: “We’ll want to help our friends and the community gain more as we evolve.”

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