Optical illusion photos will make you do a double take

Looks are deceiving! These accidental optical illusions are guaranteed to make you do a double take

  • Bored Panda has shared photographs showing the strangest tricks of the eye
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The internet is full of strange photos, and you may often find yourself shocked at what you see online.

People from around the world have shared confusing pictures, which Bored Panda has collated into a gallery.

Among the mind boggling pics, is one of a woman doing a type of suspended yoga, and she looks suspiciously like she is birthing a chicken.

Another image shows a baby with a shockingly large arm, while the child’s caregiver has an inexplicably tiny limb.

One of the photographs shows a flamingo, just chilling out, as they stand around. Nothing to see here….or is there?

Look at this classical religious painting, then checkout the halo that looks like the Cookie Monster. Once seen, he will never be unseen…

Just when you think you’ve seen as many bizarre tricks of the eye as you’re likely to see today, there is more, like a religious painting…or…is that actually the Cookie Monster?

At least there is a sweet picture of a dog and his teeny little cute mini me…or is that actually his paw?

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, check out these sweets, which bear a strange resemblance to a North Korean dictator… 

The photo from a US-based social media user will blow your mind for a minute, until you work out exactly which arm belongs to who

Nothing to see here, right? Just a normal, ordinary flamingo hanging around, doing nothing out of the ordinary…

Ok, just to save you from panicking about what’s happening here, we’ll let you know that those are her feet

That looks like the cutest little mini me…but it turns out that it’s just the puppy’s paw which looks exactly like a teeny dog!

Do NOT panic. This weatherman, believed to be based in the US, is simply using the magic of green screen to look like a skeleton. What is less clear is why…

When rescuers -thought to be UK-based – found this poor bird, they thought they’d discovered a rare creature. It turned out that he is just a seagull covered in curry

While this car looks like a Fisher Price toy on immediate inspection thanks to the dye job, turns out it is a road worthy vehicle. Phew!

Turns out that when you squish bunny-shaped Easter marshmallows, you end up with a sweet treat that looks like Kim Jong Un

This shopper, believed to be in North America, was confused when they saw these shoes. Are they some kind of trendy new Teenage Mutant Ninja loafers?

In excellent news, this frog was discovered in Costa Rica, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kermit the Frog. Life imitates art, as they say

At first glance, this gentleman, thought to be in the US, looks like he is wearing an extremely elaborate headdress…

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