Parents are using a Tinder-style app to pick out ‘perfect’ baby names

Choosing the name of a child is one of the most important decisions that parents will make.

Some people want something more unique, while others are happy with more common, traditional names and if your partner fancies something different to you it can make it harder. But one mum believes she has found the perfect solution.

The 23-year-old, from South Australia, revealed she used a Tinder-style app to pick out her child's name and has advised other parents to do the same. Jessica, who posts online as @jessica20, shared a video online advising parents who were struggling to pick a name for their newborn to try an app where you swipe right or left on options until you find your perfect match.

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She explained in the clip that she was struggling to find a name that her and her partner agreed on so the app, which is named Kinder, seemed like a fun solution. Kinder follows the style of the Tinder dating app where you swipe left on ones you don't like but right on ones you'd want to match with.

If both the expectant parents match on a name it becomes a contender for their newborns name – which could make the decision much easier as it did for Jessica.

In a video, which gained more than 103,000 likes, she explained: "For anyone looking for baby names – if you're pregnant and you can't find anything, I highly recommend getting on the 'baby name Tinder'.

"I think it's called Kinder. My partner and I could not find a name at all, and we found this app and it's just fun. You know, you swipe yes and no and then you get matches for names you liked. The only girl name that we matched on is what we ended up calling our baby."

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The mum claims the app was "fun" and also gave the couple a great story to tell their daughter how she got her name. Other parents on TikTok took to the comments to share their praises for the app too after they also found their child's names with it.

One user said: "This is how we found our names list too!! Was a total life saver!" Another added: "Our daughter was named using Kinder." A third commented: "Just downloaded it! I actually found my partner on Tinder, how cool would it be to say we found our baby name on Kinder."

However, not everyone agreed as one user still couldn't find a match after her and her partner exhausted all their options. She said: "Kinder! My husband and I ran out of names on the app… no closer to finding a name."

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