Parents mortified by ‘disgusting’ kids’ book that describes sex and the coil

Angry parents have hit out on social media over a 'disgusting' picture book which includes details on sex to an audience as young as four.

The book titled My Body Is Growing, aimed at children, mentions a penis 'spraying' semen into a woman's 'moist' vagina and some parents have taken to social media to share their shock at the contents of the picture book with the author, Dagmar Geisler.

Geisler, 64, wrote the book in order to educate younger children, aimed at four to eight year olds, on the changes that their body will undergo and will happen as they reach puberty.

Though, some parents feel the book details too much about sex for its target audience and one mother even described some sections of the book as resembling 'soft porn literature'.

One part of the book, which is written next to a sketch drawing of a woman laying on top of a man, reads: "They snuggle together for a long time. They kiss each other all over their bodies.

"Behind the ears, on the neck, on the chest and stomach, even on the bum and between the legs. Sabrina's vagina becomes moist and warm and Marco's penis gets very stiff. Marco then pushes his penis into Sabrina's vagina.

"Always in and out. That feels great for both of them. When the feeling is nicest, Marco's penis sprays semen into Sabrina's vagina."

Angry parents took to social media to share their thoughts on the book with Geisler.

One furious twitter user wrote: "Meet Dagmar Geisler… she writes and illustrates graphic pornography for 4-year-olds, which woke parents happily buy!"

Another added: "Sex education does not belong in kindergarten and should be the responsibility of parents."

One angry parent wrote: "This is disgusting, this book is made for 4-8 year old kids, they're grooming our children and no one is talking about it or even trying to do anything about it.

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"I bet they show this stuff in school. This is how they destroy a whole society."

"Why the hell can't kids just grow up in their own time instead of having stuff like this forced upon them from such an early age. Although a certain culture encourages this behaviour, innocence is non-existent nowadays 'Leave it 'til at least high school age," another penned.

Daily Star has contacted publisher Simon and Schuster for comment.

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