People reveal shocking sex stories that happened to them while drunk

From a woman who slept with her married best friend to a couple’s romp in a cemetery, people share their VERY scandalous drunken sex stories

  • People from around the world shared their drunkest sex experiences 
  • Writing on confessions app Whisper, one said they had sex in a graveyard  
  • Another said they got drunk in Italy after a breakup and got with a stranger
  • Many others claimed to have slept with their best friends while drunk

Brave social media users have shared some of their craziest drunken sex experiences.

Writing on anonymous sharing app Whisper, people from around the world revealed stories of the mistakes – and successes – they had between the sheets while under the influence.

One person claimed to have finally hooked up with her crush before vomiting all over him, while another found passion in a drunken encounter with a younger man.

Many to have had same-sex encounters for the first time while inebriated, especially with their best friends.

A woman shared a story of her wild experience travelling around Europe, including a dalliance with a stranger in Paris 

A woman from California revealed she finally had sex with her crush – but ended up vomiting over him

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A woman from Michigan had a booze-filled romp with her married best friend and said it was the best sex she has ever had

Someone from Pretoria, South Africa, worried over losing their best friend after a drunken encounter pushed them further apart

A woman from Illinois claims a toyboy was much better in bed than older men she had slept wit

A person from Colorado swore they’d never touch vodka again after mistakenly sleeping with their best friend

Someone who slept with their co worker regretted it the next day after remembering they were sick in his room

Can hate turn to passion? It certainly did for these two drunken lovebirds who couldn’t get enough of each other

A man from California revealed he’s drunkenly slept with his best friend but insisted it meant nothing to him

A New Jersey man felt haunted after sleeping with someone in a graveyard while in a drunken state

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