Psychologist reveals four tricks that will help you while dating

The psychological tricks that will make YOU more attractive on dates: Expert reveals four behavioral hacks that help to win over ANY potential partner – from breathing slowly to talking less

  • Coach Francesca, based in the US, shared four tips to help you master dates 
  •  The psychologist revealed by talking less, you will appear more attractive 
  •  She also suggested her TikTok followers be decisive and breathe slowly

A psychologist has revealed four easy behavioral tricks that she says will make you appear more attractive to a date.  

Coach Francesca, who is based in the US but originally from Romania, studied psychology at at City University in London.

She has now earned viral fame through sharing psychology tips with her 1.2 million followers on TikTok. 

In her most recent video, the psychologist gave singles a list of tips to help make their dates more interested in them. 

Captioning the clip, which has amassed over 53,000 views, ‘Four psychology tricks to be more attractive on dates,’ the life coach explained why everything from the speed you breathe to the questions you ask can help you find your true love. 

Coach Francesca has revealed four easy tricks that will have your date swooning over you in a matter of seconds

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Take it slow… Breathe at steady rate to appear more confident 

Coach Francesca’s first tip to her over 1.3 million followers was to slow down their breathing. 

The psychologist noted that by breathing at a slow rate, you will appear more confident

‘Slow down your breathing, this will make you slow down the rest of your pace and relax your body language,’ she explained. 

The psychologist noted that by breathing at a slow rate, you will appear more comfortable and confident, which will have your date wrapped around your finger. 

Calmer breathing, also known as coherent breathing, has been linked to an increase in cognitive functions and is said to help you better manage stress levels. 

To relax your body and mind, begin by taking a breath in for four seconds. 

Then, hold it for two seconds and release the breath in six seconds. 

This technique can be done discreetly before or during a date to ensure your mind is calm and help you get rid of any date jitters.

It’s never too awkward! Don’t talk too much – and instead leave your date wanting to know more 

She revealed that talking less will have your date already planning a second rendezvous

Next up, the psychologist revealed that talking less will have your date already planning a second rendezvous. 

‘Get comfortable with silence,’ coach Francesca suggested. 

‘Always trying to fill those silence gaps and talking endlessly comes across as if you have something to prove and that you’re insecure,’ she explained. 

According to the life coach, staying silent will make your partner more interested in getting to know you and more inclined to ask for a second date. 

‘Not talking so much can actually make you seem more mysterious and make the other person talk more,’ the psychologist said. 

While filling in those seemingly awkward moments of silence may be tempting, coach Francesca emphasized that being able to remain confident and still during those instances will benefit you. 

Avoid generic quizzing: Ask your partner specific questions to keep them engaged and make them more comfortable 

If you want to have another date, the psychologist recommended you ask specific questions that will require them to explain their responses. 

‘Don’t ask generic questions that can be answered in one word,’ coach Francesca said. 

The psychologist recommended you ask specific questions 

She went on to note that by asking just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, you leave room for your partner to become bored and uninterested. 

The life coach said even asking something like, ‘where did you go to school?’ can make your date less attracted to you. 

Instead, she explained you should question why they got into their specific field of work or their major. 

Coach Francesca also suggested singles ask how their dates liked growing up in their hometown to get them to feel comfortable sharing cherished childhood memories. 

She recommended you try to appeal to the interests your partner has mentioned. 

For instance, if your date enjoys traveling, you can ask them to share their ‘craziest travel story.’  

Just make a choice! Don’t be indecisive if you want a second date 

Lastly, the life coach stressed that you should always make a decision. 

‘Don’t be indecisive,’ she exclaimed. 

Coach Francesca said struggling to make decisions makes you appear ‘unattractive’

Coach Francesca went on to explain that struggling to make a decision makes you appear less confident and ‘unattractive.’ 

By struggling to chose, you continuously put the burden of making every decision on your date.

Towards the end of the night, your partner will begin to feel exhausted by having to make every choice – no matter how small. 

Whether the two of you are debating between a time, restaurant, or activity, the life coach recommends you just make a ‘d*** decision.’ 

Her millions of followers flooded the comments section to thank her for her tips. 

One TikTok user even noted that they had a date the next day and couldn’t wait to try out her hacks.  

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