Revealed: The most affordable European destinations for a city break for two

If you and your partner in crime are looking for a getaway that doesn’t break the bank, head to Podgorica.

The capital city of Montenegro has been crowned the cheapest place to have a two-day European break for two people, with the average holiday setting you back just £222.

This includes the average price for return flights for two people, two nights’ accommodation, a romantic three-course dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant and some excursions.

The research has been compiled by the team at Jersey Island Holidays, who looked at the average cost of trips across Europe using data from multiple travel sites.

Before you start packing your suitcase, though, there are some things to consider.
On March 3 there was an explosion outside the Basic Court in Podgorica and while the UK government website says most trips to the destination are trouble-free, you should always check the latest guidance before travelling.

Return flights to Podgorica cost £89 on average, while travellers tend to spend just £5 on taxis for the two days.

And did we mention that a three-course meal in Podgorica will cost two of you just £22?

Coming in close second, Skopje in North Macedonia came in as the runner up, with the average two-day break costing £274.

A three-course dinner there even comes in at slightly cheaper than in Podgorica at £21, but the alcohol is more expensive at £13.

Both Debrecen and Szeged in Hungary make for cheaper getaways too, both coming in at just over the £300 mark.

If it’s cheap flights you’re after then the fifth cheapest getaway to Warsaw, Poland, will be right up your alley, with the average return flights costing just £92.

The top 15 cheapest European city getaways for couples (or pairs of pals):

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The research also covered the most expensive European cities for a romantic two-day getaway and to be honest, we aren’t overly surprised.

Coming in at the most expensive is Zug in Switzerland with the average price of £1,022.

The biggest expense is £315 for accommodation, while the flights cost £261 on average and one three-course dinner will set you back £107.

Taking the second spot is Zurich, also in Switzerland, with an average price of £1,003.

If you fancy a trip to Iceland it will set you back £962, while Tromso in Norway will set you back £906.

Nice in France and Luxembourg come in at £694 and £595 respectively, which are slightly more affordable but still steep for just a two-day break.

The top 15 priciest European city getaways for couples:

Fancy somewhere a little closer to home? Blackpool was recently named the UK’s cheapest staycation spot.

So what are you waiting for, get booking!

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