Ring video shows dog trying to find his owner in the 2-way talk doorbell

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Dogs are used to barking at doorbells, not the other way around.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened to a 10-month-old Labrador retriever named Finn who was left puzzled by his owner’s video doorbell, according to a viral video shared by Ring – a smart home security company.

“Emily’s pup Finn loves to be outside in the sunshine,” the company captioned the clip on its YouTube channel and other social platforms Tuesday. “But when she checks in on him using Two-Way Talk, the 10-month-old lab is left wondering how the heck his mom got trapped inside the doorbell.”

Tens of thousands of people watched the black lab search for Emily while she spoke to him through her doorbell’s two-way talk system.

“Hey, Finn. Hi Finn, hi bud,” was all the adorable canine need to hear to look up from where he stood. 

Adding in a head tilt before he walked up to the doorbell’s speaker, Finn is greeted with more affectionate hellos. 

“He is so cutely confused,” one YouTube commenter wrote. “Love that innocence”

“‘Great, she gone got herself stuck in the magic box again. Time to save her with the good ol fashioned nose boop,'” another commenter joked from Finn’s perspective.

It’s not just Finn and Emily who have shared a sweet moment on a video doorbell. 

In recent years, Ring and other security doorbell companies have posted videos that show some dogs have adapted to this new technology the same way humans have. 

For example, a Golden retriever named Charlotte went viral last year for ringing her owner’s Ring doorbell in Quarryville, Penn., so she could be let inside. Similarly, a trio of dogs named Lola, Leo and Chewy did the same when they were done with their outdoor playtime.

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