Ripped gran poses naked with angel wings at graveyard as ‘gift’ for the dead

A ripped gran turned heads as she revealed that she likes to exercise in the cemetery. Andrea Sunshine is known for her jaw-dropping snaps and gorgeous body.

The 53-year-old boasts a massive following of 509,000 fans on Instagram where she shows off her workouts and ripped physique. Now recently she took things too far with a naked photoshoot.

It wasn't just any camera session, Andrea decided to ditch her clothes and go completely nude in a cemetery. In a project led by Brazilian photographer Gina Stocco, the bodybuilder bared all.

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Andrea put on an angel costume and walked around the graveyard completely naked. She did it to show off her recent progress at the gym.

The gran also wanted to highlight her connection with the spirits and draw attention to flaunt her youthful body. She said: "I decided to make an eccentric tribute to those who make me feel good and protected.

"Being here dressed as an angel and naked as I came into the world gives me the courage to continue with my plan to transform my body."

Andrea has always been fascinated by cemeteries as she's previously shown on her Instagram stories. She says participating in Stocco's project to showcase her body was one of the best invites.

"I was extremely fulfilled," she admitted. "I decided to pay homage to how I came into the world, to my friends of light, nothing more symbolic than the image of an angel."

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In the photoshoot, Andrea revealed she was on a high-calorie diet in which she had already gained around 15kg. She explained: "My goal is to grow muscles and I want to show each stage of this evolution.

"I want to show that everyone can have the body they want starting from scratch. I'm going to gain weight and lose weight to prove it."

And to take the nudes in the graveyard, Andrea had to be super discreet. She detailed: "We entered through the back. We didn't ask for permission from the cemetery, it was empty and we guaranteed that no one say anything.

"But I received exposure from angry followers, someone caught me there. I did ask for permission and pay a beautiful tribute to those who have passed away, but who are still alive in their spirits and in our hearts. I leave here my gift to you."

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