The Net Worth Of Pink Floyd’s Band Members, Ranked

Pink Floyd is one of the best-selling bands of all time and has accumulated its members millions of wealth. They have achieved a massive commercial success and have sold over 250 million records worldwide. Among their most popular album are The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall; The Wall was even inducted into Grammy’s Hall of Fame. Pink Floyd is the pioneer of two major musical movements, the blues-based progressive rock and the psychedelic space-rock. They became popular with their political, social and emotional commentary through their songs. With the massive success of the band, the members have built millions of wealth. Take a peek at the massive wealth of the members of the band including the former band members.

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5 Syd Barrett

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English singer, songwriter, and musician Roger Keith Barrett who is popularly known as Syd Barrett is the one who co-founded the rock band with Nick Mason in 1965. He used to be the primary songwriter and original front man of the band however he left the band in 1968. He was influential in playing his music in freeform while employing distortion, dissonance, feedback and many more studio effects. He reportedly left the band because of his mental illness and was also a heavy user of prohibited drugs which the band members did not condone. At the time, his behavior has become so unpredictable that the band members were worried for his health. After leaving the band, he tried to start his career as a solo artist but did not receive the same success the band has achieved. He decided to leave the music industry in 1972 and has kept his life private until his death in 2006 due to pancreatic cancer. He left his fortune of $1.5 million to his siblings.

4 Richard Wright

Richard Wright is among the co-founder of the band and has brought a distinctive sound to the band that set them apart from other bands. With stunning performances using his richly textured keyboard and occasional lending of his vocals as well through some performances. He has also penned several significant songs on the band’s classic albums such as Dark Side Of The Moon, Division Bell and Wish You Were Here. He also had two solo studio albums recorded outside of the band and worked with numerous artists in the industry. Before he died in 2008, he had a net worth of $70 million accumulated from his work during his career and royalty streams with Pink Floyd over the years. His net worth were divided among his three children.

3 David Gilmour

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The English musician, singer and songwriter David Gilmour is the guitarist and co-lead guitarist for the band Pink Floyd. Being a member of the most commercially successful bands in the world, he has accumulated about $180 million of net worth. Gilmour only joined the band after the co-founder Syd Barrett has left Pink Floyd. He has appeared in all of the Pink Floyd albums except the band’s debut album called The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The multi-instrumentalist artist had a very successful career after his stint with the band. He released a total of four albums during his solo career with the last album released in 2015 called Rattle That Lock.

2 Nick Mason

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English musician Nick Mason is the one who co-founded the band Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. Mason is the only member of the band who has appeared in all the released Pink Floyd albums. He is in charge of the drums and currently has a net worth of $180 million which he mostly earned from being of the band as well. Mason is also a qualified pilot and has flown an Aerospatiale AS 350 Squirrel helicopter multiple times. The 78 year old musician has formed a new band called Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets in 2018 and the band specifically performs the music created by Pink Floyd in the early years.

1 Roger Waters

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English songwriter, singer, bassist, and composer George Roger Waters is also among the original members of the band Pink Floyd. Initially, he was the band’s sole bassist however after the departure of singer-songwriter Syd Barrett he started writing songs for the band and became the lead vocalist and the conceptual leader of the band in 1968. During the peak of the band, Waters decided to leave the band due to some creative differences in 1985. Following his exit from the band, he was sued by Pink Floyd for his continuous use of the band’s name and materials. It was eventually settled out of court two years after but it was reported that Waters has already damaged his friendship with David Gilmour and is beyond repairable. He eventually became successful on his own and currently has a net worth of $310 million.

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