These pointless structures failed in the design stage

Back to the drawing board! These pointless structures failed at the design stage

  • Social media users from around the world have posted a series of design fails
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It’s easy to take the every day things in life for granted – but when we really look into how common objects in the world are designed, it’s clear that enormous effort goes into getting them just right to ensure they are convenient for use.

However, this isn’t always the case – and sometimes it’s clear the design stage of some of the objects we see all the time has been ill thought-out. 

People from around the world have taken to Pinterest to share hilarious design fails they have spotted, which have been collated into a gallery by 

They include a wheelchair ramp, which is intended to increase accessibility for all, that ended up leading people to three very non-accessible steps.  

One person spotted a barrier in a car park which was intended to keep track of the flow of people using the space and increase security. However, the barrier itself was laughable easy to bypass, rendering it completely useless.

People from around the world have taken to Pinterest to share hilarious design fails they have spotted and collated them into a gallery. They include a fire hydrant, in Japan , which was locked behind handrails and totally inaccessible

Elsewhere, someone else snapped a fire hydrant in Japan that was locked behind handrails and totally inaccessible – which wouldn’t be particularly useful in the very emergency for which it was designed. 

And in a children’s playground a gate was installed for people to walk through to enter the space – but the person who took the photo spotted a glaring error in its design because the gate was out in the open and very easy to simply walk around. 

Here FEMAIL takes a look at some of the worst design fails from around the world…

On this bus, it seems you have to pay extra for any legroom at all because one of the seats leaves no space whatsoever in front 

This gate in a residential area in the UK is somewhat useless, seeing as people who want to access the space can simply walk around it 

This wheelchair ramp, in France, looped around and ended with three steps – which certainly aren’t accessible for people who would need to use a ramp

This car park was fitted with a barrier for security reasons and to monitor who was driving in and out – but seeing as one could drive around it, it probably isn’t very useful 

This would the a perfect spot to take in the view – if only someone thought to create a door leading onto the balcony

This door in an underground car park seems somewhat unnecessary – as there’s another very obvious way to reach the other side of the wall 

Finding storage space in your kitchen can be a challenge at the best of times, so cooking enthusiasts will be pained to see this bizarre design fail 

Bizarrely, this cup was designed with the handle in the inside of the mug – which defeats the purpose of the handle itself

This tiny railing appears to only be helpful when walking down the top step – but after that, you’re on your own 

A wheelchair space was design with a curb all around it so wheelchair users can’t get in or out 

These marble steps may look elegant, but seeing as they lead up to a bare wall, it’s hard to understand their purpose 

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