This £20 aromatherapy bracelet is the perfect gift for someone wanting to stay calm while on the go

When it comes shopping for Christmas presents, the ultimate trifecta of a good gift is something that's useful, will give them a boost, and that they’ll love all rolled into one.

If you have someone in your life who could do with a little boost of positivity or needs something to help them unwind from a stressful time, we may have just found the perfect gift to give them this Christmas – and it’s only £20.

The Alexandra Kay Aroma Bracelet Gift Set, £20 here, is designed to deliver a little moment of mindfulness no matter where you are, and its budget friendly price makes it the perfect present, stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

Available at Green People, the brand new Alexandra Kay Aroma Bracelet Gift Set, £20 here, comes in two different wellness options, calm, and uplifting, so you can pick the one you think your loved one needs a little bit extra of this Christmas.

Each bracelet is made from scent-infused natural lava stones, which are associated with strength, courage and stability and help promote positive energy. The stones are laced onto an expandable elastic to fit all sizes, and come with an aromatherapy oil that can be added to the stones to help give you or your loved one a little boost of wellness even when you’re on the go.

As the lava stones warm up against your skin, you essential oils will be released, giving you a calming or uplifting boost of wellness, whether you’re participating in a yoga class, reading a book or joining a stressful meeting.

The Alexandra Kay Time to Smile Aroma Bracelet, £20 here, is perfect for those who need an energising boost in their day to day lives, with the Time to Smile Pure Essential Oil Blend being described as ‘happiness in a bottle’.

The oil contains nine essential oils that help promote happiness and positivity, including sweet orange, lemon and bergamot, which were chosen for their uplifting aromas and their purity and compatibility together, and comes with a white lava stone bracelet to add your oil blend to.

For those who need more of a calming influence, the Alexandra Kay Time to Relax Aroma Bracelet, £20 here, includes black lava stone bracelet to help diffuse the relaxing aromas and help find a moment of calm amongst the stress and chaos of daily life.

The gift set also includes a bottle of essential oil blend, which has scents like patchouli, vetiver and lavender mixed together to create a fragrance that helps you unwind and soothe feelings of anxiety and worry, even when you’re out and about or dealing with stressful situations.

For an additional – and very chic – way to get some calming aromatherapy into your daily life, Kate Moss’ brand Cosmoss launched a perfume earlier this year which contains a blend of fragrances that help to boost mindfulness and instill a sense of calm in you whilst wearing it.

The Cosmoss Sacred Mist Eau de Parfum, £120 here, was created to act as more than just a perfume. Instead, it helps create a sense of calm, boosts your mood, and even, apparently, cleanses your aura. Kate herself said: “When I spray this, I feel calmer. I wanted it to be an aura mist that’s cleansing. The base is all kind of magical.”

Sacred Mist was created by Kate and homeopath and alchemist, Victoria Young, who sourced ingredients that uplift you and increase the perfume's sensory mood-boosting powers to help create emotional balance and a sense of inner peace, all whilst simply wearing it as your daily fragrance.

With a hectic festive season heading our way, we’re all about anything that’s going to help us feel calmer and more uplifted, so we’ll take one of everything please.

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