Tricky animals optical illusion tells you how good your attention to detail is

Optical illusions are often the cause of a good head-scratch and this picture of a bunch of animals is no exception.

This brain teasing puzzle is not just a fun game, it actually shows a lot about your ability to pay attention to detail – but it is not as easy as it looks.

The image that can test your thoroughness at spotting things features a pattern of an elephant and 12 other creatures.

Now, that may sound simple but the other animals are all hidden within the largest land mammal on earth – and they are very cleverly concealed.

Only those with ultra vision will be able to spot all 13 animals, including the elephant… so you better get your glasses out!

Not all animals are completely concealed though, of course the elephant is the most obvious and other detectable creatures are a dog, cat, mouse and a donkey.

However, if you look a little closer at the mind-boggling picture, you may be able to spot a slithery snake at the rear end of the elephant disguised as the mammal’s tail.

Haven't got it?

Well, if you look at the end of the tail you will be able to see the mouth and eye of the serpent.

For those who are eagle eyed, you may be able to spot the mosquito flying around by the elephant's back leg.

Now, give yourself a pat on the back if you managed to spot between four and six of the animals! However, if you missed a few it may mean your attention to detail could use a bit more work.

So, with the most obvious creatures out of the way, it is time to move on to the more concealed in the optical illusion.

If you scan the elephant again, you may start to see the more hidden creatures come to light.

Cleverly, a fish has been hidden in the elephant's eye and a turtle has been disguised as the ear – now that was a tricky one!

If you are cleaning off your specs at this point and still have managed to spot all of the animals up until this point then congratulations.

It turns out that you have managed to spot between seven and nine animals. Apparently your attention to detail is pretty good and it is most probable that this skill helps you daily.

Although spotting that many animals is very good going, if you were able to spot the dolphin camouflaged as the elephant’s trunk you have earned yourself a gold star.

Just below, the trunk-dolphin hybrid, a crocodile is masqueraded as the elephant's tusk.

And, if you really have razor sharp vision then you may be able to find the prawn concealed between the two front legs of the elephant.

But the final test comes down to space between the mammal's forehead and the trunk because discreetly hidden is a bird’s head.

It looks like the verdict is in as if you spotted ten or every single one of the 13 animals, you apparently have the skills to be an FBI agent according to the creators of the illusion, 7-Second Riddles on YouTube.

How did you manage to get on? Let us know in the comments if you spotted more animals than your friends and family!

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