We're terrified our homes will SINK after towering skyscrapers built next door – soon we won't be able to see the sky | The Sun

RESIDENTS are terrified their homes will SINK under the weight of towering skyscrapers built next door.

High-rise flats have been popping up just metres away from residential homes in Island Gardens, London.

The imposing buildings of London's financial hub Canary Wharf tower over homes in this Tower Hamlets district.

Some locals are worried the colossal buildings are putting too much weight on the land.

Vicki White, 66, who has lived in the area for nearly 30 years, said: "We've got big gaps in our garden walls and it's all subsiding. Underneath our window, we have had that filled in twice. Paving slabs in our garden are all gapping.

"I fell over a couple of times out the back where it's all gapping outside."

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Many locals believe the buildings are an eyesore, destroying the landscape and views.

Vicki complained: "I hate these big buildings that are going up."

I keep saying that the whole island is going to sink one day."

She preferred the quaint, typically-London feel the area had previously: "They're so ugly, these buildings. I'd rather see all the old properties that used to be here.

"When I've been taking the dog out, or just been driving up the road, all I can see is big glass buildings. It's horrible.

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"It's just frightening to think. I keep saying, before long we are going to look up and we won't see the sky, what with all the buildings. It's so scary."

Becky Taylor, 25, who has lived around the area for more than four years, shares her concerns.

She said a lot more businessmen are moving into the area as a result of new developments – leaving older, crumbling buildings to fall apart.

Becky said: "I think it's kind of ridiculous how they have a lot of these houses for rich people and some aren't even filled up – they are just empty.

"And they keep trying to make more properties. They are still doing works on the top of our building right now, making more properties on the top."

"Our building is falling apart," she added. "It's flooding."

After recent snow and cold weather, the problem got even worse, Becky explained: "When we had all the snow recently, one of the pipes burst and it was a mess. It was so icy, it was terrible. So it started flooding."

Becky said: "I wouldn't be surprised if the land was sinking.

"They definitely need to do something about it, not just keep building new properties."

It's not all negative, though.

Many are frustrated with the arising issues, especially since "it's a nice area," as Becky argued.

She said: "It's quite rural, considering we're in London. There's a bit more of a community here, and it's quite central."

The area is very popular amongst students, young professionals and families with children.

It is close to the city and also has lots of good schools.

Dad Jithan Raj said he loves the area because it has a "good balance between urbanisation and greenery," labelling the area "wonderful."

He said his family chose to move to Island Gardens when they immigrated from Germany, considering the selection of schools in the area for his young children – and he is pleased with his decision.

Some are even lured in by the impressive skyline, saying it is the reason they love the area.

Students Greeshma, Silpa and Divya, 22, moved to the area 7 months ago from India, chosing a flat in the area due to the low crime rate.

Silpa said: "We like this place very much. We live on the riverside. We love the view."

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Meanwhile, Greeshma added: "We feel amazing being so close to the city and Canary Wharf."

Tower Hamlets Council has been approached for comment.

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