Why Nathan Lane Says ‘Pictures From Home’ May Be His Last Broadway Show — And Why He’s Probably Kidding

The new play “Pictures From Home” is Tony Award winner Nathan Lane’s 25th Broadway show — and he’s threatening not to come back for a 26th.

“This may be the last one,” Lane said on Stagecraft, Variety’s theater podcast. “This may be my swan song! Winters in New York — I don’t know how many more I can take. And eight shows a week is a big ask.”

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The actor has recently kept plenty busy with film and TV work, winning an Emmy for his guest-starring role in Hulu hit “Only Murders in the Building” and appearing in Ari Aster’s buzzy upcoming film, “Beau Is Afraid.” But Lane’s fans probably don’t need to be too concerned that he’ll never return to Broadway.

“I do tend to come back to the theater,” he admitted. “It’s where I feel the most at home…To me it’s still the purest form of acting. It’s still my favorite way of telling a story.”

In the new episode of Stagecraft, Lane took listeners behind the scenes to reveal secrets behind some of his most notable performances, from his current run in “Pictures From Home” to his memorable roles in “Angels in America” and “The Iceman Cometh.”

For “Pictures From Home,” he drew on photographs and recordings of interviews with his character’s real-life counterpart. For “Angels,” he looked closely at medical details that would flesh out his depiction of the closeted attorney Roy Cohn. For his marathon role in “Iceman,” he did massive amounts of research into past productions.

It was during his initial run in “Iceman” (which premiered in Chicago and also played at Brooklyn Academy of Music) that his co-star Brian Dennehy shared what Lane called “the best advice I could have gotten.”

“Brian said to me, ‘Obviously you had to prepare the way you did, and map it out the way you did, because it’s such an enormous role and there are so many layers to this play,’” Lane recalled. “And then he said, ‘But now I would throw it all away.’”

Lane also recalled the time he was named “the greatest stage entertainer of the decade” — and explained why that rubbed him the wrong way, and what he did to set about changing the Broadway audience’s perception of him.

Later in the conversation, he gave a few clues about what to expect from some of his upcoming projects, including the second season of HBO’s “The Gilded Age” (“It’s like the greatest repertory company ever put together, and all these people who are old friends or people you’ve admired from afar”) and “Beau Is Afraid.”

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