Zoflora super fan with £500 collection gets tattoo of the cult disinfectant

Zoflora is the disinfectant that captured the nation’s hearts, in part due to being used and shown off by cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

Coming in various scents – including one that smells suspiciously like a Thierry Mugler perfume – the product can be used all around the home to kill bacteria and leave a fragrance.

But one man has taken his love for the multipurpose cleanser to a new level, even getting a tattoo of a bottle.

Stuart Logan, 48, from Bridgend, South Wales, says his love for the fragrant cleaning agent began when he was a young boy following his mum around while she cleaned the house.

Now the dad of two has his own house with wife, Nikki, 36, and even has a dedicated cabinet full of different kinds of Zoflora, including limited edition and discontinued bottles – some of which cost over £100.

But the carer decided to splash out another £100 on getting the Zoflora logo inked on his right arm after his family joked he was obsessed enough to get a tattoo.

Stuart said: ‘I’ve been a passionate cleaner ever since I was young.

‘I used to follow my mum around the house cleaning and I always remember the smell of Zoflora floating around behind her.

‘I think that’s where my love for it comes from.

‘My family all know I’m a bit bonkers so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to them.

‘It was actually my brother-in-law who originally suggested it as a joke.

‘Then I thought, “actually I bet no-one else on the planet has that tattoo” and decided why not get it done.’

The ink-work took two hours to complete and has become the latest label added to Stuart’s collection which boasts more than 180 bottles of different kinds of Zoflora.

But while Stuart’s wife and daughters, Hannah, 27, and Amy, 24 aren’t shocked by his latest move, strangers on Facebook have been left in disbelief that the tat is real.

Stuart said: ‘When I told my wife I was doing it she said “it’s your body, do what you want love”.

‘But people online can’t believe it or understand why anyone would do that.’

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