Axed WWE star Chelsea Green reveals she wants to be Playboy model as stunning wrestlers sizzles in Instagram shoot

AXED WWE star Chelsea Green wants to be a Playboy model.

The 30-year-old also took part in an Instagram photoshoot as she reveals her post-WWE plans.

Green was one of nine stars ditched last month due to budget cuts along with Mickie James, Samoa Joe and Billie Kay.

And in an interview with Metro, she revealed her future plans.

She said: "I have a bucket list of things I want to do.

"Definitely I want to be killed in a horror movie.

"I’ve always wanted that, I always found it so hilarious where you see the girl running and they always trip and fall, and then they get killed.

"It’s just how it works. So I want to be that girl.

"Right now, I’m trying to work at making contacts in Playboy to hopefully do that."

Green recently revealed WWE sent her WRONG belongings in a trash bag after Vince McMahon axed her.


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And the Canadian has stated that she, like James, was sent all the items she left on WWE property in a big bag, which led to the person behind the callous farewell package being fired.

James immediately took to social media to show her disgust, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon offering their apologies, while Vince McMahon phoned her to say sorry.

Green has since stated that the same happened to her, only to find out that her care package included items belonging to Natalya and other wrestlers.

Speaking on her 50 Shades of Green podcast, she said: "Upon further inspection of the trash bag, I started to realise, 'I'm not really sure what's in this trash bag.'

"I first pulled out some black boots. Beautiful black boots, but not my black boots. I then pull out a second pair of black boots. Again, beautiful boots, not my boots.

"Here, we get to the third item. The third item was the most gorgeous little leather shrug with studs, and diamonds, and little flappy things and pink jewels and all sorts of things.

"Now, if you know women's wrestling, you know that the person who wears black leather with pink is always the same person. That is always going to be Nattie (Natalya).

"So I knew right away that the contents of my box were actually Nattie's box. I continued to go, I pulled a couple of things out."

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