F1 fans go crazy for McLaren song Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo created… as team joke 'your job is safe Drake'

F1 fans have gone crazy for McLaren's new launch song created by Lando Norris and new signing Daniel Ricciardo.

The duo swapped the track for the music studio to create a tune that would ‘get them hyped up’ before the first race in Sakhir in March.

Each driver headed into the booth to perform a rap as they were later let loose on instruments such as drums, bass guitar and the tambourine.


McLaren released a snippet of the music track on their official account and tweeted: "Your job is safe, Drake. For now…"

And fans reacted in their droves with one replying: "This is sending me."

Another said: "Don’t listen to the haters. Fair play for taking a different approach, it’s great."

But a third added: "Fire your marketing team."

A fourth commented: "We love you McLaren. This is so much fun."

SunSport revealed this week that Norris has banned pizza in an attempt to get in shape for the new F1 season.

The Brit, 21, is going into his third season in F1 and relishing going up against his new team-mate Ricciardo as Carlos Sainz moved to Ferrari.

He said: "I don't think the arrival of Daniel makes it any harder. I worked with Carlos and he is an extremely good driver and there are things Carlos is going to be better at than Daniel and vice-versa.

"I don't believe Daniel is a big step above anything that Carlos has achieved so it doesn't change much for me.

"There is more pressure on him because he has been in Formula One for longer and he has to come in and perform very well and that is what he is here to do with his experience."

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