Girlfriend posts worrying video of unhinged Bernard Tomic breaking laptop

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Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend shared concerning footage of the Australian tennis star appearing to destroy a laptop.

Social media influencer Vanessa Sierra uploaded a video to Instagram on Wednesday which showed Tomic breaking a laptop in half with his knee.

“Don’t mess with a tennis player’s ego,” Sierra captioned the clip.

“$16,000 worth of damage, currently can’t work and half a mil in crypto is locked I’ll give $100 for the first person who can guess what happened.”

However, she also commented on the post: “Just to clarify he didn’t and has never laid hands on me.

“I was upset with him for not checking on me when I was hospitalized. Argument escalated to him ruining my livelihood.”

Tomic was once ranked as high as No. 17 in the world, now the Australian is down to No. 214.

Tomic appeared visibly worried upon realizing Sierra was filming the incident.

Sierra previously teased her 429,000 Instagram followers over the weekend by posting cryptic messages, appearing to suggest that her relationship with Tomic was over. The 26-year-old then posted another vague message on social media featuring what appeared to be some stern relationship advice for Tomic.

“You gotta be with someone who got plans for both of y’all, not just them,” she wrote.

Her posts have widely been received as a parting shot at Tomic, with another Instagram photo featuring a broken heart emoji captioned: “Fool me twice.”

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