Sunisa Lee winning Olympic gymnastics gold while wearing fake nails and eyelashes leaves fans amazed and impressed

SUNISA LEE stunned fans with her performance in the women's artistic all-around final yesterday.

The Team USA sensation, was cheered on by team-mate Simone Biles as she earned gold in Tokyo.

Viewers were left amazed by the maturity and grace of her display aged just 18.

And some eagle-eyed observers were also stunned by her very much secondary achievement on the day – the ability to do so while wearing acrylic nails and fake eyelashes.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Suni Lee did the thing and she did it with acrylic nails with the Olympic rings on them."

Another commented: "Her NAILS have Olympic Rings on them. She did all that with THESE NAILS. Y’all. We Stan a Queen."

While a third gushed: "suni lee just won the all around gold medal with a full set of nails. my queen."

A fourth added: "Obviously this is secondary to her phenomenal talent but the fact that I can’t even open a seltzer can with acrylics on and Suni Lee just won gymnastics gold with these nails… a true icon."

After winning gold, Lee admitted that advice from Biles and some of her more experienced team-mates helped her to deliver her exceptional display.

She said: "They told me to just go out there and not worry about anything else because I was starting to put a lot of pressure on myself.


"I feel like people kind of put that pressure on me, that I had to come back with that medal.

"So I tried not to think about it and that’s what they told me to do; just focus on myself and do what I want to do because that’s when I compete the best."

Lee was also part of the Team USA squad that won silver in the women's artistic team all-around event earlier this week.

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