Watch Ryan Garcia deliver brutal body shots to NFL ace JuJu Smith-Schuster in latest craze sending him tumbling in agony

RYAN GARCIA delivered some brutal body shots to NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster – sending him tumbling in agony.

It was the latest in Garcia's 'body shot challenge' where he blasts savage shots while a brave volunteer wears a body belt.

YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul as well as Tanner Fox and UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou have all joined in on the craze.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Smith-Schuster was the latest to feel Garcia's force.

And after a pounding to the midsection, the 6ft 1in NFL ace took a knee.

Garcia's power to the body was on full show in his last fight, against Britain's Luke Campbell, 33, in January.

The lightweight sensation, 22, had to pick himself off the canvas in round two but closed the show in the seventh after a left hook.

Unbeaten Garcia, who is 21-0 and has 8.5million followers on Instagram, finds himself poised for superstardom as boxing's next 'Golden Boy'.

But the American recently bravely admitted to a battle with his mental health in a touching message to his fanbase.

Garcia posted: "I still struggle with anxiety everyday. There is times where it calms down. But I still battle every day.


"But I'm with all of you who struggle and I'm here to tell you it's OK.

"We can still do what we want and what our hearts want. God is good."

Garcia added: "Some days I cry, some days I don't even want to speak.

"I give my all just to function at times. But I try my best to keep a smile for all of you. I love you guys who look up to me."

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