Why did WWE release Jeff Hardy?

WRESTLING sleuths have been wondering about WWE star Jeff Hardy's sudden exit that took place over the weekend.

During the middle of an untelevised wrestling match on Saturday, December 4, the former heavyweight champion left unexpectedly.

Did the WWE dismiss Jeff Hardy?

On Thursday, December 9, it was revealed to the public that Jeff Hardy was fired from the WWE.

Hardy's dismissal was first announced by sports publication Fightful on Twitter.

"Fightful has learned WWE has released Jeff Hardy," their official account tweeted.

Jeff Hardy's firing from the WWE was caused by Hardy's refusal to attend rehab after the wrestling company presented him with the choice.

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Why did Jeff Hardy leave in the middle of his fight?

During the night of Saturday, December 4, a number of reports surfaced that claimed Jeff Hardy was having a "rough night."

Without warning, he suddenly started to leave the wrestling ring and walked out through the crowd of people who were present at the untelevised fight.

Following the night that Hardy exited his wrestling match, he was noticeably absent from the WWE events that took place on Sunday, December 5.

After his shocking leave of absence, it was revealed that the WWE sent him home from their tour.

What did Jeff Hardy's brother, Matt Hardy, say about the situation?

In the past, Jeff Hardy has reportedly battled with addiction for a number of years.

Since his rise to wrestling fame, he has experienced addiction to drugs and alcohol, which have affected his career time and time again.

Jeff Hardy's addiction to drugs and alcohol are believed to be the reason for his "rough night" on Saturday, December 4.

On Monday, December 6, Jeff's brother Matt Hardy broke his silence regarding the matter over the weekend.

"It’s not my story to tell or explain and besides that, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway because it’s not from my perspective so I love my brother and I just want my brother to be okay and healthy," Matt Hardy tweeted.

Matt Hardy continued: "I think he’ll be fine but once again, this isn’t my business and if he wants to go into it in more detail then he’ll do it himself."

"Jeff is OK. He is at home and he is OK. It’s not my business," Jeff's brother concluded his tweets.

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