1883’s Tim McGraw on finding filming with wife Faith Hill ‘tough’: ‘Try to be good’

1883: LaMonica Garrett on last day of filming on season 2

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Paramount Network’s highly acclaimed series 1883 left fans in tears after a heartbreaking finale in February. As viewers eagerly await its return to screens, star Tim McGraw revealed what it was like to work alongside Faith Hill, who is also his wife in real life.

As well as gaining a ton of new viewers, 1883 was hugely popular with Yellowstone fans as it was the hit show’s prequel spin-off.

However, 1883 transported its audience back 130 years before the current events in Yellowstone to explore John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) lineage.

The series introduced his great-grandfather James Dutton (Tim McGraw), his wife Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) and their two children, Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) and John Dutton (Audie Rick).

Season one followed the family as they took the life-threatening journey from Texas to Montana, in hopes of a better life.

In addition to being husband and wife on-screen, Tim and Faith are in fact married in real life and have been together for 25 years.

Last week, the actor appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and opened up about working with his wife.

“It was good,” Tim admitted, “we said it was going to be tough because people are going to see Faith and Tim on the screen and we have to overcome that.

“We sort of gave each other a high five, gave each other a kiss and said ‘the only way to do it is try to be good at it.’”

The 55-year-old added: “However, there was a scene that we did where she had to slap me.”

When Jimmy doubted if it was a real slap, Tim responded: “No, that was a real slap.

“We talked about it before we wanted to do a real slap and not a TV slap, but after the eighth take I was concussed a bit and I told her afterwards ‘do we need to talk?’”

As the studio audience roared with laughter, the actor explained: “I was expecting a finger slap, but no it was a palm.”

He joked: “It was like Rocky hit me.”

Throughout their careers, the couple has shared many experiences together including their iconic musical domination.

As well as starring in a hit series, Tim and Faith are both accomplished musicians.

Faith is one of America’s most successful country singers with more than 40 million albums sold worldwide.

As for Tim, 10 of his 16 albums have reached number one on the Top Country Albums charts.

The couple then entered the film and TV industry, and although they have appeared on screen separately, 1883 was the first show where they shared scenes together.

Together, Tim and Faith also share a family with three adult daughters, Grace, Maggie and Aubrey.

Thankfully for fans, the dynamic duo are expected to return to screens as season two was confirmed in February, as the cast are currently filming the instalment is expected to premiere in early 2023.

1883 is available on Paramount Plus in the US. A UK release date has yet to be announced.

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