A Place In The Sun couple left in floods of tears after placing ‘risky’ offer

A Place in the Sun buyers were left in tears after their risky offer on their dream home got accepted.

Married couple Rick and Inge enlisted the help of Channel 4 presenter Jean Johansson to find their perfect property in Tala, Western Cyprus.

The pair described their dream home as being a detached villa with a ‘mancave’ and plenty of outdoor space as they were planning to adopt cats.

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Property expert Jean showed the pair five suitable properties that were close to their£260,000 budget, with the house search off to a good start.

The first property that the couple explored was a three-bedroomed villa, priced at just over £262,000. It featured a pool, patio and artist’s studio as well as a bathroom.

Rick and Inge also liked the rest of the properties, with the fifth one being the couple’s favourite as Jean showed them one that "could possibly beat the others".

It was a three-bedroom bungalow with a wraparound patio with views of the sea from the house, with a spacious garden and roof terrace too.

While the couple said the property was "just the right size" and "spacious, but cosy", it was priced over budget at £282,000.

Rick and Inge went back and forth over their options, eventually deciding to put an offer in on the property. However, they decided to go £10,000 under the asking price, offering £272,000.

Jean passed on the offer to the vendor, and the trio had to wait to hear back whether it had been accepted or not.

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As the seller phoned Jean back, the presenter could be seen looking concerned, as Rick and Inge appeared nervous.

After putting the phone down, she told the couple: "Okay, I have some information for you. The offer… has been accepted."

Upon hearing the good news, Rick burst into tears, as Inge hugged her sobbing husband.

Jean added: "Congratulations, you two have been such great company. I wish you the best of luck".


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