AJ says she'd have SPLIT UP Love Island's Liam and Millie if she knew Hugo was going to 'friendzone' her

LOVE Island's AJ said she would have split up Liam and Millie if she knew Hugo was going to "friendzone" her.

The bombshell was voted out of the villa after being put in the bottom three alongside Lucinda and Chloe.

AJ pursued Hugo while in the villa, but he called it off on their last night together.

Now AJ has said she would have coupled with Liam if she knew how Hugo really felt about her.

Speaking after her exit, she said: "This is the thing, if I could go back now knowing Hugo wouldn’t make much of an effort with me, I’d probably have coupled up with Liam.

"But Liam and Millie, seeing them in person, for me they were quite a strong couple.

"I feel like Liam and Millie are a really lovely couple. So I’d say them two. I think they could potentially win it.”

Just before the dumping, Hugo broke things off with AJ after a few days of flirting.

However, while fans noticed Hugo wasn't into AJ, she did see herself as compatible with him.

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She added: "Everything he said was this is the kind of guy I want to be with. He has the right morals.

"I have certain expectations in a relationship and Hugo meets those expectations.

"I don’t feel like I need to teach him how to be a good boyfriend.

"He has the right morals, knows how to respect a woman, he’s really funny, very comfortable to be around. I just feel natural around him.

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"As time went on, it was like OK maybe we’re not so compatible. But the first few chats, he was approaching me and I really liked that. I like that he came up to me, made me feel comfortable.

"He’s a good-looking guy and really lovely. That’s all you want – a nice guy in your life! I’m done with idiots.”

Speaking about whether they'll meet up outside, AJ said: “Well, he friend-zoned me now, so I’d be happy to meet up with him as a friend.

"But I feel like, I put in quite a bit of effort and I guess we’ll just see when he comes out. I don’t think he gave me too much of a chance to be honest or made that much effort.”

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