Ant Middleton says he's 'too hot to handle for the UK' as he quarantines in Australian hotel after Channel 4 axe

ANT Middleton said he was "too hot to handle" after his axing from the UK version of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The ex Special Forces man is on the promo trail in Australia ahead of the new series of the military-themed show.

Speaking about his exit from the Channel 4 show on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, he said: "I'm too hot to handle for the UK."

He continued: "With the UK version, once that final string pinged from my grasp and it was being controlled by health and safety, and it's being controlled by the production, then yeah we butted heads a bit and we parted ways a bit sourly.

"But listen, it's all good. It is what it is."

Ant was accused of improper conduct on the set of the UK show – something he strongly denies.

The show is a completely separate entity Down Under, and Ant had no hesitation about returning.

He said: "Channel Seven straight away were like, 'We really hope you're coming back to Australia,' and I said, 'Of course I am. Listen, I built this show'. 

"I wrote it on the back of a cigarette packet six, seven years ago. So I am coming back. I am still the chief instructor.'

"I do my part, I let the production do their part, I let the channel do their part. Everyone sings from the same song sheet and we get the job done."

This week Ant reunited with his SAS: Who Dares Wins cast members as they quarantined in Sydney.

The star was seen arriving with Jason Fox, Matthew Ollerton and Mark Billingham on Tuesday.

Ant has claimed his split with Channel 4 came because TV bosses had turned the intensive survival series into a “reality show”.

He told The Sun: "I have decided to walk away from it, it is clear Channel 4 and I have fallen out over it and that is regretful. I have butted heads with some of the team but ultimately it is out of a passion for what I wanted to do and that’s make the best show possible.”

The channel insisted its concerns were not in relation to his on-screen persona.

A spokesperson said: “Our decision not to renew Ant Middleton’s contract and not to work with him again was solely based on his personal conduct off camera.”

Addressing his claim that the programme had turned into more of a reality TV show, C4 added: “SAS: Who Dares Wins will continue to be as tough as it’s ever been.”

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