Bachelor's 'Queen' Victoria Larson apologizes to fellow costars after 'bullying' claims & vows to 'do better next time'

VICTORIA Larson extends an apology to her Bachelor co-stars after the other ladies have accused her of "bullying" and name-calling.

The reality contestant has ruffled many feathers throughout her time on theABC show, and has been allegedly "slut shaming" her competitors.

Victoria, 28, took to her Instagram stories yesterday to send out a general apology to her cast-mates and fans for her questionable actions on this season of The Bachelor.

The entrepreneur posted the message: "I think in my effort to make my opinions heard it may have been perceived as bullying by some, and I feel bad if my words or actions offended anyone.

"I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons," the California native revealed.

Earlier this week in a mid-season twist, five new ladies were added to the Bachelor house, throwing a wrench in the other's plans.

Victoria was not pleased by the arrival of the new competition, telling each of the women to “get out” of the house.

The wild reality star also stole a crown off the top of Catalina Morales’ head, one of the new contestants who is also a past pageant girl.

The strong personality was also accused of  “slut-shaming” new girl Brittany Galvin, who she and Anna Radman claimed was an “escort."

Throughout her time on the long-running dating show, Victoria has referred to Bachelor Matt James' potential wives as “sluts,” “whores” and “b***hes.”

Earlier this week, The Sun exclusively revealed that "Queen" Victoria Larson's family is appalled and "embarrassed" by her "disgusting" comments to her peers on the program.

Sources close to the dramatic star have shared that her parents have a "hard" time watching the episodes, and have found the fan reactions of their child difficult to process.

Tia McDonald, a close friend of Victoria, shared: “A lot of her family has been hard on her but it’s been a lot. 

“Her family is now supportive but at first there was some initial shock.”

A second source added that the self-entitled "Queen" has humiliated her father with her actions, explaining: “Vicki’s dad of course is embarrassed by his daughter.

“He’s being supportive and trying to be there for her but every week she tells him ‘it will be fine’ and every week, she acts even more cruel on TV. 

“He’s just over all of this and waiting for this show to end.”

The rest of Victoria's confidants reportedly share the sentiment, as the insider continued: “her friends feel the same way.”

"We can’t defend her behavior at this point. She’s trying to act like she doesn’t care and that everything is fine in the ‘Queen’s’ world but really, she is mortified by all of this.”

Though the contestant's pal believes she is hiding her true feelings for the sake of TV, she suspects her friend will never “admit” any shame and will continue to “act like everything is fine.”

“She won’t admit there’s truth to what’s being said,” the source closed.

Victoria has not responded to The Sun’s request for comment at this time.

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