BBC Breakfast presenters amazed as they witness tense rescue mission of tiny cat

BBC Breakfast duo Nina Warhurst and Roger Johnson jumped for joy as they watched a kitten being saved from a water pipe in Beirut, Lebanon.

Speaking to the viewers, Johnson said: "You may have heard of the nursery rhyme about spiders climbing up a waterspout."

To which his co-star replied: "Once or twice."

"But what about a cat up a drain, have a look at this," Johnson added in a concerned tone.

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The pair loved every moment with the rescue team, with Warhurst shouting: "Ooh gosh, come on."

She continued: "This is the moment a tiny kitten was rescued after spending three days trapped in a rain pipe in Beirut. Volunteers from the charity Animals Lebanon used small cameras to identify the exact location before pulling it out. People cheered and applauded after the rescue, saying I think we should call her Beirut."

A relieved Johnson added: "Lucky, very lucky."

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