BBC Breakfast’s Naga suffers name gaffe as star says ‘never been called that’

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    Naga Munchetty suffered an awkward name blunder with her BBC Breakfast co-star on Thursday (October 2).

    She's a brilliant broadcaster, but even Naga gets it wrong from time to time. Everybody makes mistakes, but when you work on TV, it gets caught on camera for everyone to see.

    Naga, who was co-hosting Breakfast with Charlie Stayt, was trying to introduce sports presenter Mike Bushell into the studio. But she ended up messing up his name and calling him something quite different.

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    Turning to Mike, she said: "It's nineteen minutes to seven. Good morning. Spike…" She then looked baffled at what just came out of her mouth. Naga added: "Spike? I don't know."

    Mike was equally confused, replying: "Spike? I've never been called that before." Naga hastily apologised to her colleague, saying: "That's a mixture of Mike and sport. I'm so sorry. Mike has the sport."

    Taking it well, Mike joked: "You can call me anything you like, to be honest!" Naga quipped: "Later," prompting them both to laugh before they moved on with the segment.

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