Beat The Chasers shock as contestant beats four chasers to win £25k with just one second left

BEAT The Chasers provided another shock as a contestant beat four of the Chasers to win £25,000 with just one second left.

Rachel Goodall, a trainee accountant from Leeds, had 60 seconds on her clock to beat The Chasers.

The contestant was tempted with £2,000 against Jenny and Mark with 35 seconds on their clock, as well as £5,000 to go against Shaun and the others in 36 seconds.

However, Rachel bravely opted to face those three plus Paul – for £25,000 and a huge 42 seconds on their clock.

The nail biting Chase quiz battle continued until Rachel managed to get down to one second on her clock.

Miraculously, she managed to win and secure herself a huge £25,000.

Speaking about the pressure while answering the questions, Rachel said: "I was so nervous when I was actually up there. It seems like you have more time when you are watching at home and it's over in a flash when you are up there.

"I tried my best not to look at the clock, so I didn't panic, and tried not to listen to the Chasers questions, so I didn't overload my brain.

"The one time I did look at the clock I had 2 seconds left and it was my last question. When I won I just didn't know what to do with myself, I couldn't believe it! I almost started crying."

Rachel plans to use the money to get a new kitchen – and also go towards her wedding with partner Ian.

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