Below Deck Down Under star couldn’t look crew member in the eye

Below Deck Down Under Trailer

Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, one of the newest additions to the Below Deck: Down Under for season two has revealed that she had difficulty looking co-star Captain Jason Chambers in the eye.

“Jesus, that man… God spent an extra three days on that one,” the 31-year-old Bristol born foodie said.

“He’s so distracting. He doesn’t even need to speak, he just walks in the room and you’re like, ‘Well, that’s me stopping everything I’m doing’.

“I couldn’t look him in the eye half the time. He’s just an incredible man to be around.

“He definitely has this king aura about him as soon as he steps into the room,” she told Metro.

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The 50-year-old dad of one is the youngest Captain in the history of Below Deck and Tzarina isn’t the only crew member he made an impression on as he has been nicknamed “Captain Cutie” by Chief Steward Aesha Scott.

However, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Tzarina had taken a particular shine to him and on Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked Jason if he knew that she “had the hots” for him and if he thought her comments were crossing the line.

He seemed to take it all in his stride responding: “[Tzarina’s] comments were endless. They were every five minutes.”

“It was actually quite funny,” he admitted. “I enjoyed it. It was her sense of humour, her way to express herself … It was fine.”

Tzarina’s awe of her boss is all the more awkward because their relationship got off to a rocky start when he criticised her food.

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Speaking in a confessional he said: “The food is not up to superyacht standards in any way. It tastes all right, but there’s no presentation about it.”

However, she took it well when he told her to her face promising to improve on her work.

“The way that you work is with feedback, you need to know it so you don’t make that mistake again,” she said.

Tzarina joined the season two crew along with Deckhands Adam Kodra, Harry Van Vliet, Bosun Luke Jones, and Stewards Laura Bileskalne and Margot Sisson.

Below Deck Down Under continues on Mondays, at 8pm ET on Bravo, and is available to stream on hayu the same day.

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