'Big Brother 23': Live Feeds Spoiler: Frenchie's Shocking Week 1 Nominations for the Block

Big Brother 23 had a fast start in the live premiere. Brandon “Frenchie” French became Head of Household, so he has the hard job of nominating people for eviction. He made the nominations, and they’re pretty shocking. 

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 live feed on July 8 and 9]

Frenchie is Week 1 HOH on ‘Big Brother 23’

Frenchie started off hot by becoming HOH the first week. He also became the captain of Team Joker, which has Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier. They’re also safe for the week after winning the HOH competition.

Day 2 on the live feeds showed Frenchie talking to a lot of people about making an alliance. He claimed he wouldn’t put a person of color or a woman on the block. 

That meant Brent Champagne, Christian Birkenberger, and Travis Long were most likely to be on the block. But then Hannah Chaddha (Team Aces), Kyland Young (Team Queens), and Christian (Team Kings) competed in the Wildcard Competition. Christian won so safety from elimination and also chose to save Xavier Prather (Team Kings).

Frenchie makes his week 1 nominations for the block

Frenchie nominated Kyland and Alyssa Lopez for eviction. This is shocking, given many things Frenchie said before. 

Alyssa was seen being very upset after the ceremony and talked to Sarah Steagall about it. She claimed Frenchie wouldn’t even look at her, and so she felt like it was personal. But she still didn’t know what she did.

Kyland talked to Frenchie after the ceremony. He was shocked, given they previously talked about working together. Frenchie claimed Kyland wasn’t the target. He would rather Alyssa go home because he thinks she is Christian’s closest ally. Kyland said Christian and Travis aren’t working together, but Frenchie didn’t believe it.

Christian, Sarah, and Xavier talked to each other after this. One of them believes they’re being targeted as Have-Nots. They all are on Team Kings.

Frenchie later sat down with Alyssa and Christian to explain his choice. He admitted Kyland is just a pawn and told Christian he is his “big fish.” That’s because someone told Frenchie that Christian was going after him. He also said there were a couple of times he went into the bathroom, and Christian would suspiciously stop talking. Frenchie also claimed he thought Alyssa and Christian would start a showmance, and that’s also why he’s gunning for her.

Christian claimed most of these reasons only had to do with his looks. He isn’t teaming up with Travis, but people don’t believe it, and people think he’d look good with Alyssa even though there’s nothing between them. He also denied going after Frenchie.

It’s a risky move to tell people who are your targets that you want them evicted, but Frenchie claims he likes to tell the truth. Time will tell who will get the veto to see if nominations stay the same. If they do, it looks like Frenchie wants Alyssa out for now.

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