'Big Brother 23' Week 3: One Houseguest's Ego Will Likely Lead to an Epic Blindside

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers, including Big Brother 23 Week 3 nominations and Power of Veto winner.]

When Xavier Prather became the third Head of Household of Big Brother 23, most of the house already turned on Brent Champagne, wanting him evicted next. Even after the Power of Veto ceremony locked in his nomination, Brent still believes he has the numbers to save him, possibly leading to one of the most epic blindsides in the franchise’s history.

Brent became the house target after Frenchie’s eviction

During Week 1, then-Head of Household Brandon “Frenchie” French initially targeted “meathead,” Brent Champagne.

However, a deep conversation bonded the two, and they developed a close working relationship, including a final two deal. Frenchie quickly became the house target following his chaotic reign and became the second houseguest evicted.

Before his exit, several players, including Hannah Chaddha, Alyssa Lopez, and Whitney Williams, began getting irritated with Brent and his arrogance as they felt he acted like a “god” that all the women wanted.

Xavier became the HOH for Week 3 and quickly noticed how Brent got under the girls’ skin, realizing the majority of the houseguests wanted him gone next.

Additionally, they, such as Tiffany Mitchell, recognized the flight attendant as one of the biggest threats left. Therefore, Xavier agreed to take the shot.

Xavier tried to convince Brent he nominated him as a pawn

Aligned with Brent through the Radicals, which includes his Kings teammates Sarah Beth Steagall, Christian Birkenberger, and Alyssa and Brent’s Aces’ Derek Xiao, Whitney, and Hannah, Xavier wanted to make his target feel comfortable with his pending nomination.

Therefore, the HOH claimed he needed Brent as a nominee to convince the other houseguests they weren’t working together. Additionally, he told him he planned on going after Brent’s target, Britni D’Angelo, and needed his help with the Power of Veto, believing it would be physical.

However, Brent immediately dissented, noting he wasn’t “pawn material.” Nonetheless, Xavier went through with the plan. Following nominations, Brent told his team, who faked their shock, that he figured out that Xavier targeted him as he didn’t believe the HOH’s plan.

Still, the houseguest noted he wasn’t worried about the nomination as Xavier didn’t know he had the numbers through another alliance he created, titled the Mafia with his team and the Queens’ Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, and Tiffany. 

Brent thinks he’s safe, which will likely lead to blindside 

After Christian won the Power of Veto and chose to keep the nominations locked, Brent confronted Xavier, telling him to “man up” and admit he was the target. However, the HOH stood his ground, claiming he didn’t believe anything changed.

Brent later told Derek X. and Kyland that he trusted Alyssa, as they have a final two, and though she had more loyalty to him than her teammates. He also bragged about the Mafia, which everyone except for Brent knows is fake, insisting they ran the house without anyone realizing it.

Additionally, he noted he preferred the nominations stay the same, believing he had the votes to stay over Britni. Brent continued to boast about his presumed safety as he claimed he convinced the Jokers’ to cut Britni and couldn’t wait to see everyone’s face when the Mafia flipped the votes.

His ego and arrogance will likely lead to the first blindside of the season and could go down in franchise history as one of the worst, as Brent genuinely believes he’s safe for another week. However, the other houseguests, including his teammates, are planning to make his eviction unanimous. How will Brent react? Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7 Central on CBS.

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