'Blood Red Sky' Trailer: A Mama Vampire Takes Down a Group of Plane Hijackers

We’ve already dealt with Snakes on a Plane, but now it’s time to see what happens when a vampire is forced to take down a team of terrorists who have hijacked a plane on the way to the United States.

Blood Red Sky follows a mother named Nadja who is flying with her son to America in order to see a doctor that might be able to help with a rare medical condition. But when the plane is hijacked and she’s shot and left for dead on the plane, the dark secret about this medical condition will be revealed. She’s a vampire, and now she’s pissed and thirsty for blood.

Blood Red Sky Trailer

Blood Red Sky, also known as Transatlantic 473, is a British-German production written by Stefan Holtz and Peter Thorwarth, and the latter is also directing. It’s mostly in German, but the terrorists are speaking English, so that’ll cut your subtitle reading time if that’s something you’re worried about. You certainly won’t need subtitles to enjoy the the blood feast that Nadja goes on as she starts tearing through terrorists.

What I love most about Blood Red Sky is that we’re not getting a modern, stylish vampire. It might seem that way at first, but once she’s fully transformed, she’s in full-on Nosferatu mode, complete with the pale skin, pointy ears, bald head, horrifying eyes, and sharp teeth. She’s a classic vampire who has been forced to hide for a long time, so when the time comes to sink her teeth into some fresh flesh, it’s a rather bloody affair. We can’t wait to see this mile-high feast.

Here’s the official synopsis for Blood Red Sky:

Nadja and her ten-year-old son are on an overnight flight from Germany to New York when a group of terrorists violently take control of the plane and threaten the lives of the passengers. But the terrorists have no idea what they’re in for with Nadja on board – she has the power to protect her son and all the other passengers. But she faces an impossible choice – should she reveal her dark side and the inner monster she has kept hidden from her son for years in order to save him? The hunters become the hunted and everyone on the plane finds themselves in a perilous race against time – a fight for survival because there is one thing nobody knows: Nadja is the last vampire.

Blood Red Sky arrives on Netflix on July 23, 2021.

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