Bridgerton star drops hint she will unveil Lady Whistledown’s identity ‘Coming for you!’

Nicola Coughlan explains why Bridgerton identity was revealed

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Bridgerton fans patiently waited until the very end of season one before they discovered Lady Whistledown was the pseudonym of unlucky in love Penelope Featherington (played by Nicola Coughlan). However, the characters were left clueless about the sharp-tongued gossip writer’s identity. One character who was particularly determined to unmask the writer was Queen Charlotte who could be about to uncover the truth in the upcoming season. 

The second outing of the highly anticipated Netflix phenomenon lands on the streaming giant later this week to the delight of its fans.

In the first series, viewers discovered Lady Whistledown was the main source for all gossip and her words could influence highly important people’s opinions.

The writer’s voice was narrated by screen legend Julie Andrews so many viewers were taken aback to discover the seemingly innocent Penelope was Lady Whistledown. 

The two characters who wanted to learn Lady Whistledown’s true identity the most were Penelope’s best friend Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) and Queen Charlotte herself. 

The terrifying monarch demanded Eloise to feed her as much information as possible as her investigation into unmasking the writer continued throughout the first series. 

Will the pair discover in season two Penelope was reporting on the goings-on in high society to manipulate people?

Ahead of the series landing on Netflix, Charlotte actress Golda opened up about portraying the royal in the series. 

Speaking during a red carpet event for the second season, she explained: “It is amazing [playing Charlotte]. 

“I remember being blown away during my first presentation as Charlotte and I remember feeling like, ‘Yeah, I know who this woman really is.’

“I felt really comfortable in her skin, in her wigs and in this magical place.” 

The actress, who dons extravagant wigs and flamboyant gowns when she plays the monarch, revealed she enjoyed embracing her character once her hair and makeup is done. 

“I look in the mirror, and think, ‘Come on let’s go, Charlotte’s here,'” she joked. 

Golda also detailed her character’s more tender side, admitting she has “struggles” of her own. 

She said: “We see her playing the games, we see her at the balls and we see her trying to work out who Lady Whistledown is. 

“But we also see her in private with the king and the struggles she has to go through there and I love in season two we get to see the sisterhood as well with Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and Violet [Bridgerton] (Ruth Gemmell) and the bond the three women have.” 

While she could not go into much detail, the actress said there is a scene in the upcoming series which shows the “strength in vulnerability” between the strong female characters. 

When asked if Queen Charlotte’s mission is to discover Lady Whistledown’s real name, Golda replied: “Absolutely, I am coming for your Lady Whistledown, I’m coming for you.” 

Could this mean the royal will be the character to expose Penelope as Lady Whistledown?

Queen Charlotte, as well as the Bridgertons and Featheringtons, are bound to be left speechless by the news, but would they be able to forgive Penelope for spreading vicious rumours about them for so long?

Bridgerton season two lands on Netflix on Friday, March 25. 

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