Charlotte Bellamy husband: Who is the Laurel Thomas actress married to?

Emmerdale: Arthur Thomas clashes with mum Laurel Thomas

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Charlotte has just entered her 20th year of playing Laurel on Emmerdale, a character who has been at the centre of a lot of drama in the village, including her battle with alcoholism and most recently discovering her boyfriend, Jai Sharma (played by Chris Bossin) had taken out a loan in her name. With the actress having portrayed the troubled character for so long, some fans of the ITV soap would find it hard to imagine the star has a life away from the small screen. It is no secret who Charlotte is married to and below is a low down of the couple’s incredible love story.

Who is Laurel Thomas star Charlotte Bellamy married to?

The actress married her long-term partner, Mungo Denison, in 2012, and the couple had a very low key affair to tie the knot.

Having been 18 years before they decided to get hitched, the love birds never showed any interest in making it down the aisle.

However, in what was a very split-second decision, they decided they were going to make their relationship official following the birth of their three children.

They conducted the ceremony at a local registry office and it was attended by a group of close family members, with Charlotte only paying out £60 for her bridal gown.

Explaining why the wedding was done this way, the actress said: “We sat there at breakfast and said to the kids, ‘We’re getting married today’, and they were like, ‘What?'”

“Suddenly it seemed like the right thing to do and we wanted to do it our way,” Charlotte added as spoke about the details of her big day.

“For some people, a big wedding is the dream and of course that’s great but it wasn’t really our style,” she told The Sunday Mirror.

The ceremony took place in May of 2012, the same year the weeknight serial drama celebrated its 40th anniversary on-screen.

Charlotte walked down the aisle in a striped cocktail dress of her choosing and she even borrowed the shoes from the ITV wardrobe department.

No official photographs were taken on the day itself as the couple wanted to keep their nuptials as private as possible.

We wanted to do it our way

Charlotte Bellamy

Who is Charlotte Bellamy’s husband Mungo Denison?

Mungo is a successful businessman in his own right as he is the co-founder and director of SKY MAGIC Drone Shows, a company that contributed to the New Year fireworks seen in London during the 2021 celebrations.

Although Charlotte doesn’t discuss her family life too much, she has been known to share praise for her spouse on social media.

Following his credit for helping the fireworks come to life at the end of 2020, the actress took to Twitter to show off her husband’s work.

In view of her 71,900, she wrote: “A little bit proud of the hubby last night and their incredible team ⁦

@Skymagicdrones for the drone show that saw in 2021.

“You all smashed it,” she continued.

Does Charlotte Bellamy and her husband have any children?

Yes, the couple have three children together, who were all born before they decided to tie the knot 10 years ago, with all of them playing a part in the ceremony.

Their eldest child is their son Sunnie, who was born in 2004 and who is now an adult as he is 18 years old.

Herbie was born in 2007 and just two years later, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Teddie Boo Florence, into the world just three years before they became man and wife.

The actress has spoken out in the past about how she and her husband Mungo decided to choose their children’s first names.

Charlotte explained: “I was inspired by my partner because he’s called Mungo – I seem to like names that are a little out of the ordinary.

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The soap star continued: “We pick them from random places, such as fields or somewhere we’ve heard other people mentioning.

“For example, I heard someone call her child Herbie about 10 years ago, and loved it,” the actress said in an interview with Inside Soap.

When it came to having her third child, the actress wanted to stay on the set for as long as she could before giving birth.

Discussing this a little further, Charlotte explained: “I wanted to work for as long as I could so I could enjoy the time with the baby afterwards.

“You never know how these things will go.”

“At the very end there is always that fear that you might go into labour at work – this could have been the first real Emmerdale baby,” she added.

“But I made it. My priority was to get the filming finished, then think about having the baby.

“And it meant I didn’t have much time to worry about the birth.

“But most of the time I was absolutely fine. I was lucky, I felt great. I had a good pregnancy, with nothing more than heartburn,” she told The Mirror.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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