Coronation Street fans disgusted with Steve McDonald for abandoning dying Peter Barlow

CORONATION Street fans are disgusted with Steve McDonald after he locked Peter Barlow in the house when he was in urgent need of medical attention.

The taxi driver – who is played by actor Simon Gregson in the ITV soap – berated recovering alcoholic Peter while he was suffering from liver failure.

Steve assumed Peter was drunk, but viewers knew the truth – Peter’s own body had poisoned him causing him to be seriously ill.

“You’re drunk,” ranted Steve, not listening to Peter’s pleas. 

“Where did you even get it from? This is it, isn’t it? You get me to go to work so I’m out of the way and you can go and buy booze.”

But as Peter struggled to breathe and begged for help, Steve walked off and told him: “I’m not interested.”

He added: “Stop lying mate, I know drunk when I see it. But it comes with the territory, doesn’t it? It’s what you addicts do. 

“You need to try harder because you’ve got the whole of this family running around doing everything it can to help you. 

“You know what really gets me – that you’ve been given another chance. You’ve been thrown a lifeline and this is your response. 

“This is you saying to us, ‘it doesn’t matter what you guys have given up to help me, if I want a drink I’m going to have one’. Well no, you’re not, not on my watch.”

Steve then locked him in the house as Peter begged for help.

Leaving him alone, collapsed, Steve told him: “You’re a lying spineless alkie, who doesn’t care about anyone else but yourself.”

Later Peter was rushed to hospital after Steve put his life in danger.

Viewers were utterly disgusted at Steve’s behaviour and took to social media to vent.

One wrote: "Steve is a right dope, how can he not see that Peter needs urgent medical help? [Face with rolling eyes] #Corrie".

A second said: "Steve is being horrible and stupid! Peter is genuinely ill he wants to go to hospital! #Corrie".

Another added: "Peter looks half dead, can’t Steve see that! #Corrie".

"Oh Steve shut your face! Someone punch him #corrie," said one angrily.

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